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OpenText Launches Intelligent Capture


At Enterprise World 2019, OpenText launched their new OpenText Intelligent Capture platform, which is the rebranded, next-generation of OpenText Captiva. Intelligent Capture offers new artificial intelligence, capture workflow automation and consolidates all OpenText capture software products into one unified solution.

With development and innovation focused on a single solution, OpenText continues to extend capture capabilities to all types of business applications: from basic scanning and imaging to advanced recognition, including automating classification and data extraction of incoming documents and data OCR – ideal for use in AP invoice processing, customer onboarding, new employee onboarding, contract management, and more. Intelligent Capture has also expanded the OpenText capturer platform to include AI Augmented Capture.

Popular Document & Data Capture Applications

As organizations extend capture capabilities from the back-office to focus on real-time, customer engaging applications, OpenText Intelligent Capture is uniquely positioned to provide the range of capture capabilities required. These proven capture benefits include:

  • Extending capture to remote offices and locations
  • Providing mobile capture capabilities to support real-time customer interaction
  • Supporting the widest range of line of business applications
  • Integration with OpenText Magellan for AI Augmented Capture and business analytics
  • Adding machine learning to automate the set-up of capture processes
  • Exporting to all leading ECM, ERP and document management systems
  • Supporting all types of on-premises, hybrid and cloud capture scenarios
  • Leveraging configuration over coding to easily set-up powerful workflows or “CaptureFlows”


Intelligent Capture is built on the proven Captiva platform and allows users the ability to easily map business rules and requirements within CaptureFlows. Highly automated CaptureFlows enable organizations to initiate business workflows, passing documents and data through processes and minimizing the need for exception handling and manual validation steps.

CaptureFlow capabilities are easily set up within the CaptureFlow Designer utility and define a key differentiator, as described by current customers, partners and systems integrators, enabling organizations to easily set-up automation capabilities, AI, reporting, and to rapidly deploy capture to line-of-business applications.


Intelligent Capture continues to add new technologies from the larger OpenText capture portfolio. An example is the addition of “SnapMatch” within the Intelligent Capture Solution.

SnapMatch runs as a “field population rule engine.” You can use it to look at all text on an invoice and come up with the Vendor ID, which is typically not on the invoice itself, but can be determined by looking at all the names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, etc.

You can also run full text of an email through the SnapMatch engine to determine or classify which customer sent the email by looking at names, email addresses, and account numbers within the email. Once a matching record is determined, SnapMatch puts the information in context, auto-populating one or many form fields with the rest of the data from that same record.

Platform Consolidation Drives Innovation

Building on the success of OpenText’s embeddable, capture technologies Intelligent Capture uses the Captiva platform to move beyond “just capture.”

The consolidation and resulting technical advances further enhance OpenText Intelligent Capture for both the capture and process automation markets. Users benefit from a clear development and support strategy in which resources are focused on one capture solution instead of several. Industry analysts and thought leaders have embraced the consolidated approach and see OpenText in a unique position to drive innovation as both a leading provider of core OEM capture technologies and enterprise-ready business capture solutions.

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