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OpenText’s ApplicationXtender 20.3 Has Arrived


The latest release of OpenText’s ApplicationXtender (AX) software, AX 20.3, has arrived. It brings improved cloud readiness, new internal and external integrations, and enhanced user productivity.

As many organizations shift from traditional deployment models to cloud-based structures, tools that enable remote collaboration are now central to success. With expanded integration and workflow capabilities, the latest version of AX provides a powerful platform for electronic content management (ECM).

AX 20.3 pairs increased intelligent automation with advanced certifications, report processing, full-text services, and more.

New Features for Increased Automation

AX has long been known as a mid-market solution with a powerful API, robust security, and a modern user interface. It is a lightweight and flexible software suitable for the average medium-sized business on the market, and it only gets better with each upgrade.

The latest updates to the software further drive organizational innovation with cloud readiness, product integration, and user productivity.

New features include:

  • AX-OTS Integration
  • Built-In Password Policy Plug-In Support
  • Web Administrator API
  • Render Server Optimization
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Storage Adapter Framework

A Platform That Empowers Remote Workers

With so many employees working from home offices during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, remote capabilities are more important than ever. AX empowers your team with the tools they need to capture, upload, and manage content in a virtual environment.

Whether you’re looking for accounts payable or loan origination solutions, AX is there to streamline your document management into a single cloud-based repository. MetaSource’s cloud repository solution, MetaStor, provides integrated cloud storage built on the AX software platform.

OpenText continues to expand upon integrations and intelligent automation, bringing enhanced organization and efficiency to your team. The 2020 roadmap for AX outlines an ambitious plan for additional features scheduled for second quarter 2021. These features include:

  • Added cloud support, certifications, and containerized deployment
  • Increased intelligent automation with analytics integration
  • Improved platform support through user productivity updates

MetaSource is North America’s only official AX distributor, and our relationship with OpenText goes back to the inception of the original AX platform. Our team knows the software from the inside-out, and we even use the platform in our own business process systems.

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