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OpenText Syncplicity - Cloud File Sharing

Access your files from any computer or device

MetaSource is the largest North American distributor of Syncplicity. Syncplicity is like Dropbox for the enterprise by providing seamless and automatic access to documents, files, and shared folders with robust security features that will make IT happy.

  • Securely collaborate with your team members inside and outside of your organization
  • Don't change the way you work. Keep your files where they are and share them with the click of a mouse. No dragging-and-dropping, no extra steps. Send files and folders right from within Outlook
  • Know you're safe with the industry's most complete set of security, administration, and control features that keep files secure and IT in compliance 

File Distribution to a Mobile Workforce

Publish files to large groups of people with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter what device they use to access it.

  • Push the latest materials to individuals, teams, and departments anywhere in the enterprise
  • Ensure your files aren't overwritten and that people have easy access to the right versions
  • Work online or offline when traveling

Securely Send Large Files and Replace FTP

  • Securely share video, design, and other heavy files regardless of size
  • Send files without logging into FTP sites or portals
  • Send files and folders of any size from within Outlook
  • Email links instead of files so you can track where they go

Real-Time Document Backup and Continuous Availability

Protect documents in real-time and get back to work quickly.

  • Automatically back up working documents in real time
  • If a computer dies, access files from another computer or device to keep working without missing a beat
  • Recover previous versions of files instantly

Bringing It All Together

No silos. Securely access enterprise content regardless of where it is stored.

  • Mobile, VPN-less access to files in home directories, file shares, and SharePoint
  • A built-in editor to edit MS Office files and annotate PDFs
  • No migration of files, permissions, or authentication required

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Regulatory risk around servicing transfers continues to be a hurdle for enticing investors to engage in the market. This is largely dependent upon lenders’ ability to ensure the quality of the assets being traded. The best strategy for taking the risk out of servicing transfers from a regulatory standpoint and verifying the soundness of underlying assets is through enhanced data and process management.