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Actionable Insights Start with Multichannel Capture: A Whitepaper

To obtain actionable insights, you need actionable data.

To acquire actionable data, you need effective multichannel capture or it’s garbage in, garbage out.

Multichannel capture is your organization’s ability to ingest documents and data from email, fax, scanners, MFPs, websites, social media, mobile devices, data streams, and paper.

With more than 293 billion business and consumer emails exchanged daily and a forecast of 347 billion in daily email traffic by 2023, it’s little wonder you feel like you are drowning in it.  The Radicati Group’s annual Email Statistics Report has done the math.

Research by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that 40% of those polled reported managing inbound multichannel content with a makeshift blend of paper and e-documents, while more than a third reported printing out electronic information and processing it in paper form.

No surprise: They spend a lot of time searching. More than 60% of the respondents said their employees devote “extensive time” to looking for content.

Multichannel Capture Technology

Trying to capture all inbound documents and data efficiently is a major challenge for many businesses, exacerbated by explosive growth in the volume of data they are managing. Companies want their employees spending less time searching for information and more time in collaboration and decision-making.

Attempts to solve the multichannel capture challenge begin with a lot of questions:

  • What ever happened to “OCR” and “advanced capture” and are these technologies still relevant?
  • How does robotic process automation (RPA) factor in, or is it just a ruse by salespeople trying to sell you more software that you don’t need?
  • How do you identify the technology that will justify your investment and leave you looking smart?
  • Where do you start?

Whitepaper Download

Find the answers to your questions in our latest whitepaper, How to Take Advantage of Multichannel Capture Technologies. We’ve distilled hundreds of years of collective experience with multichannel capture, as well as two decades of helping our clients navigate the path to reliable, cost-effective and transformative digital efficiency.

Download our Multichannel Capture Whitepaper