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EMC Captiva to Capture Hawaii Tax Forms

Information Capture Solutions (ICS) to Implement Captiva for Hawaii’s Department of Taxation

ICS and Fast Enterprises were recently selected by the Hawaii Department of Taxation (DOT) to provide them with a new integrated tax solution valued at $60 million and which will be implemented over the next four years.

System Components

The core system is GenTax, developed by Fast Enterprises who has implemented their integrated tax software for 23 state departments of revenue, making them the largest state tax software provider in the country.

As an EMC and MetaSource reseller, ICS has implemented EMC Captiva as the front-end image capture solution for scanning paper returns into GenTax in Illinois and Minnesota. As part of this Hawaii deal, ICS will once again implement Captiva 7.5 as the front-end capture solution for GenTax, which will capture 11 million paper forms annually. ICS will also implement a Check 21 automated deposit solution from Tangent Systems.

Expected Impact

The State of Hawaii’s DOT was using a 10-year-old tax system that was inefficient, offered little automation and utilized outdated document scanner hardware. The new front-end capture system will run twice as fast, with scanning speeds going from 45 images per second (IPS) to 75 IPS. All forms will be captured using optical character recognition (OCR) and other automation technology embedded in the software so they can be automatically identified during scanning. This will allow Hawaii’s DOT to reduce 65 tax type sorts (e.g. tax type, form year, whether money is included, etc.) to under 10 during the first roll-out. All of the above will generate at least a 30% increase in productivity.

Productivity will increase further following the second roll-out, once the Check 21 automated deposit solution is in place. This will eliminate having to manually process all checks as it is done today, and they will be deposited electronically instead of having to physically take them to the bank.

Once implemented by ICS, Captiva 7.5 will be crucial for capturing all tax forms submitted in paper form, which accounts for about 20% of the total. All paper document images and checks will then be integrated with GenTax so that Hawaii DOT users will be able to search and retrieve any paper tax document through GenTax software.

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