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Dig Out From Under All That Paper with Automation

Is your organization constantly buried in paperwork and bogged down when processes get stuck? Now’s the time to make a change. Automating your business processes will give your company a competitive advantage by saving you time and money and allowing you to more nimbly adapt to a changing business landscape.

Broken processes come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Too many documents arrive at once, overwhelming your staff and making it impossible to process them all efficiently
  • Constant errors resulting from manual data entry
  • Difficulty finding the right documents when you need them due to an inefficient naming and filing system
  • Inability to pinpoint problems with processes in key departments such as accounts payable or order fulfillment due to poor visibility

Any of these sound familiar? Luckily, each one can be fixed by utilizing the automation and the right document management services and automation.

Finding the Automation Solution That Fits Your Business Needs

Too many documents arriving at once

Your solution: digital mailroom. A digital mailroom serves as a buffer between your company and incoming mail and email. Your mail is received at a secure document scanning facility, where it’s opened, sorted, scanned, and indexed for you before being digitally routed to the appropriate recipient for approval and processing.

Even incoming email can be organized with a virtual mailroom – a trusted electronic document management partner can monitor email inboxes, digitally optimize documents you receive via email, and electronically deliver them to you for review, approval, and processing.

Constant manual data entry errors

Your solution: integrating document processing services into your business system. When you rely on employees to manually enter data into your accounts payable or other business system, there’s no escaping the fact that human error will happen. After that, it’s not a matter of if those errors will negatively impact your business, it’s a matter of how much. Having your documents scanned, indexed, and integrated means the information they contain can be directly loaded into your business systems, eliminating manual data entry (and human error along with it).

Difficulty finding documents

Your solution: electronic document management software. Electronic document management software makes it easy to securely store and retrieve scanned documents and other electronic files and can be hosted on your in-house servers or in the cloud. Perhaps best of all, document management software will free you from trying to get all your employees to follow one file naming convention. Time saver!

Poor visibility into processes

Your solution: workflow automation. Import information from scanned documents and e-forms directly into workflow automation software and let pre-programmed custom workflows handle the routing, tracking, and approval processes from there. With digital tracking, management will gain insight into each processing step, more easily analyze staff performance and better plan for needed resources.

If your organization struggles with a scattered, messy paperwork system that causes more issues than it solves, consider digitizing your mailroom and implementing digital document management and workflow automation. These automation solutions will help you dig out from underneath the problems holding your business back and set you up for a more successful and agile future.

Need additional help assessing whether automation could help your business? Read our blog post, Get Serious About Digitizing: 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Automate, to find more.

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