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Live Webinar: The Power of AP Automation for Home Builders

Join MetaSource and Kofax® for a one-hour webinar at 1:00 PM EST on Thursday, Dec. 3 to learn how the right accounts payable (AP) automation solution can solve common challenges for companies in the construction and home builder market.

Inefficient AP processes are a common frustration in the construction and home building industry. Extracting data from invoices is a difficult, error-prone task when it involves large piles of paper and a lack of visibility into the process. But it doesn’t have to involve large piles of paper or a lack of visibility–it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In our upcoming webinar, The Power of AP Automation, MetaSource Directors of Business Development, Victor Flores and Chris Hill, will join Kofax Account Manager, Anthony Yung, for an exploration into the power behind true AP automation. They will delve into common AP challenges the construction industry faces, the benefits of AP automation, and the technology behind it all. By attending, you will even hear from Nick Jeppson, the controller for Ivory Homes, who will describe the company’s experience of working with MetaSource to implement AP automation solutions.

Building an Efficient Process: AP Automation for the Construction Industry

Ineffective AP processing leads to several challenges for companies in the construction industry, including:

  • Lost and duplicate invoices
  • Spotty visibility into AP status
  • Workflow exception failures
  • Weak internal controls
  • Unsuccessful ERP and LOB system integration

In the most extreme cases, a processing backlog can impose invoice delays of more than three weeks. In contrast, AP automation solutions can expedite this process, providing you with an invoice processing turn time of just one day. 

With an AP solution trusted by more than 1,000 departments across the country, home builders and construction agencies can overcome invoice delays, reliance on paper storage, and many other common AP obstacles.

Companies gain several benefits when they automate the process as well. For instance, Kofax software, paired with a cloud-based document repository, reduces manual data entry while enabling line-item capture, GL coding, and more.

Plus, optical character recognition (OCR) technology facilitates easier capture, analysis, and management of AP processes from the cloud. By utilizing OCR technology to enhance your AP process, you also gain secure cloud storage that offers a permanent record of financial documents. 

Automating your AP processes eliminates the cost of paper storage and boosts productivity while providing greater visibility into budgeting. Imagine what you could do with the power and efficiency of digital tools to capture, analyze, review, and index your financial documents.

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Join Kofax, a proven leader in the AP space, and MetaSource, a Kofax Platinum Partner, to learn about comprehensive, end-to-end AP solutions for home builders. The webinar will cover:

  • Common AP Challenges and Performance Issues
  • Overcoming AP Challenges with Automation
  • How AP Automation Works
  • The Benefits of AP Automation
  • Ivory Homes Success Story

At MetaSource, we have decades of experience designing and implementing custom solutions for clients across a wide array of industries, including yours. And with our 24/7 cloud-based support team, help is never more than a click away for your construction company.

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