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Maximize Storage and Efficiency with Foxit PDF Management Tool


Managing PDF documents can be a burden, particularly when files are large. You need to reduce your PDF file sizes, but you also need to maintain high image quality. It sounds impossible, but with the right software, it’s anything but. Foxit compresses PDFs, automates workflows and makes document storage easier – enabling efficient access to key documents, no matter the format or size.

E-docs, cloud storage, and remote collaboration platforms are quickly becoming the status quo for businesses everywhere. However, these digital trends aren’t always hassle-free. From slow internet speeds to unusual file formats, companies – especially those with remote teams – face an array of obstacles when storing large files in the cloud.

Foxit, a comprehensive PDF management solution provider, compresses files into an accessible, flexible format that eliminates document management burdens and replaces them with efficiencies. With over 2 billion users across the globe, Foxit offers powerful, reliable and cost-effective solutions to document management growing pains.

Compress, Edit, and Share Digital Documents from the Cloud

Managing and storing large files without the right advanced software solutions is expensive, time-consuming, and creates a bottleneck to productivity.

Geographically dispersed employees working in a range of internet bandwidths – and without high-speed internet – may experience difficulty in loading and editing large files. This issue has certainly become more prominent as more companies have transitioned to remote work, but it’s likely not the only issue standing in your way. Additional obstacles include:

  • Difficulty accessing unusual file formats
  • Threat of documents containing viruses
  • Trouble managing large and high-quality PDFs
  • Unpredictable access fees
  • Long-term storage risks
  • Inefficiency due to slow migrations

With so many employees working remotely, these are challenges that quickly add up to bigger productivity hurdles. A file that is hundreds of megabytes in size can take up to 5 minutes to open; with Foxit, the same compressed file can load in under 30 seconds. Over time, these small differences can save employees thousands of hours of wait-time.

Unlike traditional compression tools, Foxit preserves the quality of the document image. Black and white documents can be compressed by 50%, and color documents can be compressed by 90% or more without distortion, blurring, or pixelization. From Google to Microsoft, GE, the FDA, and more, many of the world’s best-known businesses and organizations rely on Foxit to render and compress PDFs, reduce document storage costs, and improve document management automation.

In a Cloud-Based World, Integration is Key

Designed for easy accessibility, Foxit seamlessly integrates with your existing business processes and workflow automation systems for optimal cloud-based collaboration. With a streamlined workflow automation system in place, organizations can cut load times in half while increasing the productivity of claims processing, AP invoicing, and other manual, repetitive tasks. Foxit offers a range of licensing options, providing customized solutions for every industry and every size company.

At MetaSource, we help clients identify, implement, and manage business technology solutions across a variety of workflow automation and document management applications. We’re always seeking out new ways to improve our solutions, which is why we’re now offering Foxit’s file compression tool as an add-on to OpenText’s AppEnhancer document management software. Combine the two and you’ve got a powerful solution that can increase efficiency, decrease costs, and give you the competitive advantage you need.

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