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Meet MetaStor®: OpenText™ AppEnhancer in the Cloud

MetaSource MetaStor

OpenText AppEnhancer, formerly ApplicationXtender, enables you to process, route, access, and manage all of your business documents and data efficiently and securely. Now, what if you could do all that from anywhere at any time? With MetaSource’s cloud-based enterprise content management solution, MetaStor, you can.

What Is MetaStor & What Benefits Does It Offer?

MetaStor is a cloud-based document management solution that’s powered by AppEnhancer. There’s never been a better way to streamline loan boarding, invoice processing, debt relief processes, and other paper-intensive tasks. The benefits the solution offers prove it:

  • Clean and intuitive interface that requires little training to use
  • Unlimited users with multiple levels of security
  • No capital expenditures or licensing fees
  • Server and location redundancy for business continuity
  • Mobile experience via MetaMobil, enabling secure access to documents from anywhere
  • Reporting that provides visibility into processes and actionable insights
  • Rapid deployment with no installation required
  • Seamless integrations with core business systems
  • Automated collaboration that results in increased productivity

How Secure is MetaStor?

According to a Forbes article, corporate cyberattacks increased by 50% in 2021. This rapid rise in threats has businesses prioritizing cybersecurity – and for good reason. Fortunately, the right cloud-based content management solution from the right partner can drastically improve your document security for both in-office and remote teams.

Cloud-based solutions like MetaStor decrease the risk of stolen or missing documents and protect your content from natural disasters like floods and fires.

Moreover, MetaStor was built with security in mind. MetaSource goes above and beyond to ensure client data is protected from potential threats with our suite of security benefits:

  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Data at rest encryption
  • Configurable password rules
  • Robust audit trails
  • Document-level security

See for Yourself

With MetaSource’s guidance, your organization’s digital transformation doesn’t have to take months or even weeks. Through our commitment to accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement, our team of experts drives quantifiable, scalable results for our clients through solutions like MetaStor.

Interested in seeing how MetaStor works? Check out our demo video!

Want to learn how a transportation and logistics provider reduced AP processing by 3 days with MetaStor? Download our case study!

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