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Mortgage Workflow & Compliance Whitepaper

If you’re a mortgage originator or servicer, what if you could achieve the following?

  • Increase productivity by 65%
  • Cut quality control costs by 55%
  • Decrease time to fulfill customer or CFPB servicing file audit requests by 70%
  • Create a competitive advantage in both mortgage turnaround time and customer service

You can. Here’s how.

The Whitepaper

In today’s environment of heightened regulatory scrutiny and competition, mortgage originators and servicers need new ways
to ensure the accuracy, completeness and compliance of loans.

Our new whitepaper identifies how workflow and compliance solutions streamline and ensure quality control in step with the mortgage origination process as well as servicing these loans over their life.

Components of these mortgage document solutions include the following, including what you will learn about them in our whitepaper:

  1. Mortgage Content Ingestion: what a virtual mailroom is and how to capture of all incoming document types (paper and electronic)
  2. Content Capture / Automated Processing: how to take advantage of document classification, OCR and database look-up validation technology
  3. Workflow & Decisioning: how to streamline loan origination/servicing workflows and make better executive decisions
  4. Reconciliation & Auditing: how to streamline the reconciliation process and the best way to conduct pre-fund mortgage compliance audits
  5. Compliance, Quality & Retention: post-close mortgage compliance audits, retention scheduling / document destruction, and CFPB compliance
  6. User Experience & Support: how to enable your staff to answer customer questions on the first call and to create a competitive advantage in customer service

Download the mortgage workflow and compliance whitepaper here