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OpenText Intelligent Capture Unveiled


OpenText Intelligent Capture’s upcoming release includes an array of new features and improvements including powerful machine learning capability.

Amid a pandemic-fueled increase in remote work, many companies are searching for a consolidated solution to their technology needs. With Intelligent Capture software, teams can leverage virtual collaboration and productivity under a single umbrella of capture, electronic content management (ECM), and workflow automation software.

Intelligent Capture 20.2 Brings a New Level of Efficiency

This update builds on numerous upgrades OpenText has implemented in recent years within the previously named Captiva platform. These upgrades include new standard OCR modules, additional Microsoft Office document rendering, and dynamic task-level prioritization.

Some of the platform’s most highly prized features – including data extraction for PDFs with the Capture Recognition Engine and secure encryption with CryptoAPI – will go a step further with the newest release. Continue reading to discover what you and your organization can gain from these new features.


  • Continuous Machine Learning: While OpenText Intelligent Capture currently incorporates Production Auto Learning, this latest version is capable of automatic classification, extraction, and more. The software improves with every document it processes. Through continuous self-adaptation, it learns from both its mistakes and its successes.
  • Improved OCR: Recognition improvements are available for custom dictionary support in Intelligent Capture.
  • 64 Bit Upgrades: For customers who send and receive large files, 64 bit means faster processing and analysis of documents.


  • Single Click Entry: With only one click, you can fill in and automatically advance to the next field. Users can see if the data will pass local validation checks by hovering over the field.
  • Data Type Locator Improvements: This platform now provides improved filtering of candidates using new data subtypes. Intelligent Capture also allows detection of dates, regardless of the format specified for the form field.
  • Manual Confirmation: Users can now require manual confirmation for fields – configurable on a field-by-field basis – for when programmatic validation is not possible.


  • Security Enhancements: Application-level encryption is now built into the Intelligent Capture server. Additionally, extended ECM support is available for business workspace objects, allowing uploaded documents to be supplemented with extracted attributes.
  • Improved Citrix Support: The platform uses Windows Authentication to enable concurrency on shared desktop environments.
  • Added Support Across Platforms: Support is now offered on Google Cloud Platform and more, including recommendations for installation.

From invoices to emails, organizations must be adept at managing a variety of content efficiently. Logically capturing and organizing these documents is only the first step in ensuring the content is available to the right people. Intelligent Capture automatically attaches and sorts this content, learning along the way. The more you use it, the greater value it holds.

The 2020 Roadmap for Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture is a future-forward solution for content. Upcoming enhancements will see additional machine-learning functionality, including document information extraction and Magellan integration for natural language processing. 

Cloud updates will incorporate support for Amazon Web Services, along with other SAS platforms, including Docker and Kubernetes. In addition to added platform support, the roadmap includes a variety of agile, task-focused tools, such as:

  • Adaptive classification technology
  • Cloud productivity improvements for the Web Client UI
  • Easier configuration and use of CaptureFlows
  • Support for newer image formats and electronic document types

There’s no doubt that these new capabilities are valuable to organizations. The question is, are you ready to adopt it in yours and take the next step in your digital transformation journey?

If you’d like to learn more about OpenText’s upgraded software and how MetaSource can be your partner in implementing it, please reach out through the link below.

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