• 5 Common RPA Technology Mistakes To Avoid
    16 Apr 2020 Colin Graf

    5 Common RPA Technology Mistakes To Avoid

    Robotic process automation (RPA) can play a key role in a successful digital transformation. RPA software enables organizations to offload repetitive tasks to technology that can complete them more efficiently. As a concept that contains both the promise – robots will do all the drudge work! – and the fears – robots will be taking […]

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  • Balancing Work & Life
    01 Mar 2016 Colin Graf

    Balancing Work & Life

    “Do What Makes You Happy” We have all probably heard this numerous times before, and roll our eyes when people say it, however this should apply to you. We spend a majority of our time at work and being miserable every minute that we are there is not a way to spend half of our […]

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  • Productivity Tips for Your Office Life
    01 Feb 2016 Colin Graf

    Productivity Tips for Your Office Life

    By now, you probably know that we provide both workflow automation software and business processing outsourcing services designed to maximize your efficiency and the productivity of your team – but there’s only so much we can do. Below are some tips on how to help ensure further productivity—and harmony—in your office. Make Time for Yourself […]

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  • Simple Office De-Stressing Tips
    14 Jan 2016 Colin Graf

    Simple Office De-Stressing Tips

    Make your Office like a Second Home You spend majority of your time, if not life sitting at your desk, so why not add personal touches? If your workplace stresses you out, adding personal items on your desk or on display in your cubicle or office may help de-stress from a sometimes chaotic environment. Put […]

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