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Digital Transformation without Disruption: A Whitepaper

Paper Is Dead! Long Live Paper! In the four decades since Businessweek published the Xerox research lab article credited with seeding the idea of the “paperless office,” reams of news stories, commentary, books, and research have reported on its progress or declared it a myth. It’s safe to say the topic, at least, has not…

Going Paperless Still a Burden for Many Doctors and Hospitals
Mortgage Workflow & Compliance Whitepaper
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Mortgage Workflow & Compliance Whitepaper

If you’re a mortgage originator or servicer, what if you could achieve the following? Increase productivity by 65% Cut quality control costs by 55% Decrease time to fulfill customer or CFPB servicing file audit requests by 70% Create a competitive advantage in both mortgage turnaround time and customer service You can. Here’s how. The Whitepaper…