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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Why Should We Care?

According to the the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), the term “robotic process automation” (RPA) means, “the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software or a ‘robot’ to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.”

Software robots? Really?

Yes. Just imagine what it would be like if those tedious, manual steps in all of your workflows were no longer necessary. Sound to good to be true? It did to us until we experienced Kofax RPA.

Creating a Digital Workforce with Software Robots

The Kofax RPA robotic process automation and integration platform is the fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance and deliver information from virtually any application or data source, including websites and portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems, without any coding.

Information that was previously unattainable, unusable or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive employee productivity, add insight into the decision making process, and deliver a better customer experience.

The best part: there are three flavors of software robots.

Web Robots

You can now automate the acquisition and integration of data from websites and portals into business applications with web robots.

With Kofax RPA, critical market intelligence information can be acquired, integrated and delivered into the hands of decision-makers rapidly and cost effectively, removing common barriers related to data access, time-to-value and cost. Web robot applications include:

  • Competitive Intelligence and Price Monitoring
  • Market Data Aggregation
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Investment Research
  • Background Screening
  • IP and Fraud Detection
  • Mobile Application Integration
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Government Data Aggregation

Process Robots

You can now automate repetitive, data-driven activities across websites, portals, and internal applications with process robots.

Kofax RPA automates manual, repetitive, information-driven processes where data and electronic documents need to be accessed and acted on as part of critical business processes. By leveraging the revolutionary Kofax RPA Synthetic API technologies, organizations can quickly and easily deploy and customize integration flows regardless of whether existing APIs are available or the data is locked in applications. This includes Excel, websites, web portals, databases, and legacy applications. Enterprises can also build intelligence into processes so more automated decision-making can occur – even with real-time, high-volume and unstructured data. Information critical to the business is now acquired, enhanced and delivered across the enterprise ecosystem to be used in innovative ways to achieve competitive advantage including:

  • Shipping Data Aggregation
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Financial Account Aggregation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Process Automation

Content Robots

You can now automate the migration of content and data from legacy enterprise content management systems with content robots.

With Kofax RPA’s adaptable and versatile platform, enterprise organizations can quickly consolidate enterprise content from legacy web content and enterprise content management systems into Microsoft SharePoint and other modern ECM platforms. Content migration tasks are automated to minimize cost, time and labor, and metadata can be applied across both new and legacy content to ensure a seamless and optimal search experience.

Content Migration RPA Video

Kofax RPA Differentiators

  • Centralized Robot Deployment: robots are deployed, managed and executed from a centralized server, and communicate with applications running both server side and on virtual desktops
  • Licensing: Kofax RPA Compute Units (KCU) based licensing model promotes unlimited robot deployment
  • Execution: software robots are scheduled for batch or on-demand execution, or published as lightweight business applications called Kofax RPA Kapplets for use by business users

Additionally, the Kofax RPA Management Console provides the governance and monitoring of the Kofax RPA platform, including role-based administration. This allows secure, granular control over integration projects, access rights and viewing of integration results. The Management Console manages the deployment of integration flows as REST and SOAP web services and enables integration with data endpoints such as Excel, email, SQL, or NoSQL databases. It also automatically creates APIs to be consumed by another Java or .NET application or business intelligence tool.

Sound Too Good to Be True? See for Yourself

The best way to understand Kofax RPA’s robotic process automation is to see it for yourself. Contact us to learn more about robotic process automation and to see a demo.