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Financial Workflow Automation & Compliance

Financial Workflow Automation & Compliance

Mortgage originators, banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms come to us to streamline workflows, ensure compliance with the SEC and CFPB, and handle their credit card application call center.

Content Ingestion

We will help you capture all loan applications, new account forms, statements, checks, remittances, and customer correspondence whether it's paper, fax, email, eforms, or COLD.

Workflow Automation

Once captured, we ensure all incoming documents are automatically routed to the right members of your team for expedient processing with whatever combination of software and services is right for you.

For example, a newly created loan can be ingested and then routed based on loan amount, loan type, buyer location, etc. to the correct underwriter for approval and then to any processor, loan officer or manager for further processing. Learn more about our mortgage workflow and compliance services...


While workflow automation helps ensure process integrity, document management software also helps ensure compliance with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by ensuring secure and instant access to your documents. The addition of retention scheduling ensures that all documents are kept for the right amount of time – and not a day longer.

Call Center Service

If you want to achieve new levels of customer service as cost-effectively as possible for your credit card and loan application operation, we offer specialized call center services. This includes interacting with your customers via phone, email, fax, chat, and social media. Learn more...

Back-Office Automation

In addition to streamlining all driver and delivery information, we can also automate and ensure compliance for your accounts payable, accounts receivable and HR departments by leveraging the same solution.

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Whitepaper: Leveraging Better Data & Process Management for Success In Mortgage Servicing Transfers

Regulatory risk around servicing transfers continues to be a hurdle for enticing investors to engage in the market. This is largely dependent upon lenders’ ability to ensure the quality of the assets being traded. The best strategy for taking the risk out of servicing transfers from a regulatory standpoint and verifying the soundness of underlying assets is through enhanced data and process management.