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Mortgage Workflow Automation & Compliance

Mortgage originators and loan servicers have never before faced as much regulatory scrutiny, even as the sub-prime debacle fades into the past. If that wasn't challenging enough, competition is once again intensifying to pre-housing bubble levels.

Mortgage originators and servicers need new ways to ensure the accuracy, completeness and compliance of loans that are economical and help to differentiate their quality of service.

We offer a variety of mortgage content management, workflow automation and compliance solutions that streamline and ensure quality control in step with the mortgage origination process as well as servicing these loans over their life.

Below are the components of our mortgage workflow and compliance solutions that are broken down into six steps that reflect the mortgage origination process as well as when mortgages are purchased in the secondary market.


Mortgage Document & Data Ingestion

During this phase of the mortgage life cycle, mortgage workflow and compliance solutions can do the heavy lifting by capturing every type of loan documentation, through every ingestion portal. These portals include email, mobile capture, web portals, SFTP, and especially paper mortgage documents.

If you struggle managing trailing documents, our trailing document processing service combines the best of our mortgage document scanning, mailroom automation and call center services.

We also offer a special service for servicers and sub-servicers needing help to board loans from new loan portfolio purchases.

Content Capture & Automated Processing

Once all loan documentation has successfully been captured, all content is sorted and validated in two ways: auto document classification and fields within each document. Data mapping (MISMO) for loan portfolios to existing loan origination systems (LOS) or mortgage loan servicing software is also a valuable function.

Workflow & Decisioning

Following both validation steps, each document is then routed with workflow automation software for processing based on rules established per document type. A document checklist can be created to help ensure all documents are collected and, if something's missing, an alert will be automatically sent out to the responsible party.

Workflow automation also streamlines back-office business processes, including AP invoice processing and HR new employee on-boarding and benefits enrollment.

Reconciliation & Auditing

Mortgage document solutions are designed to automate the ingestion, processing and routing of mortgage documentation so that your team can do what they do best: originate zero defect mortgages. Auditors are granted access to all documents stored in mortgage document management software with quick search and retrieval functions so they are able to view the documents they need to complete their service.

When loans are bought and sold, the buyer is the beneficiary, so we recommend that mortgage servicers take control of the process and partner with an experienced third party to ensure that assignment of mortgages (AOM) are done correctly. When the buyer is in control of the assignment, they can follow up to make sure everything gets signed, returned and sent for electronic recording.

Compliance, Quality & Retention

While pre-fund QC audits—including our discretionary pre-fund QC option—help ensure zero defect loans, our solutions also ensure compliance with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements for post-close audits and federal and state guidelines for document retention.

Our full suite of MERS QA services also helps to ensure that you're MERS audit ready all year long, and our mortgage lien release service decreases the number of lien release rejections, reduces liability, satisfies borrowers, and ensures that the process is being done efficiently with a best practices approach honed over the last 25 years.

User Experience & Support

Combined with the information and indexing information captured in the ingestion process, search functionality makes documents instantly available and sharable. This increases customer satisfaction.

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