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Aperture Cards Scanning & Conversion Service

Aperture Cards Scanning & Conversion ServiceHistorically, aperture cards have been used to store engineering drawings. While there is equipment that allows these cards to be automatically stored, sorted, duplicated, and created, allowing us to scan and digitize your aperture cards into PDF, TIFF or JPG format will enable them to be digitally archived and instantly searchable.

Aperture Card Scanning Benefits

  • Have them readily available on various platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Seamlessly import your images into your business management software systems without any human intervention
  • Digital images can be faxed, printed and emailed
  • Quickly send files to customers, vendors or other co-workers
  • Eliminate aperture card storage space
  • No need to maintain aperture card viewing equipment

When using our production grade equipment, scanning aperture cards today is almost as simple as scanning paper. These scanners are also capable of auto Hollerith code recognition and processing which can be used for file names when indexing.

The MetaSource Difference

For decades now, we've scanned aperture cards for engineering departments, manufacturers, the military, and government agencies all over the US. We've earned their business because no one understands or can more efficiently and cost-effectively convert aperture cards into electronic documents than we can.

We can also assist you with scanning business-size documents, large format documents, microfilm, microfiche, and just about anything else you need to preserve.

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