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Microfiche Scanning & Conversion Service

Microfiche Scanning & Conversion Service

Using production grade microfiche scanners, we will scan your jacketed film into PDF, TIFF or JPG electronic documents. MetaSource has scanned microfiche for clients for over 40 years

Microfiche Scanning Benefits

Scanning your microfiche is a great way to save space, make these documents instantly available when searching and will prevent information loss from film deterioration or damage due to flooding or fire. Other benefits include:

  • Makes microfiche readers obsolete saves you money on repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Superb image quality and linearity ensured with LED illumination and software
  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten information
  • 12-bit scanning and output images
  • Microfiche information will be securely stored and never lost, damaged or degraded
  • We can automatically import these newly electronic documents into your accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other line-of-business software without human intervention
  • Electronic documents can be quickly searched for and emailed for collaboration and better decision-making

The MetaSource Difference

For decades now, we've scanned microfiche for insurance companies, schools, HR departments, government agencies, and other organizations all over the US. We've earned their business because no one understands or can more efficiently and cost-effectively convert microfiche into electronic documents than we can.

We can also assist you with scanning business-size documents, large format documents, microfilm, aperture cards, and just about anything else you need to preserve.

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