How Organizations Can Do More with Less

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Achieve the breakthrough growth that comes from digital transformation by working with MetaSource. MetaSource software and services optimize your processes to eliminate error-prone tasks, data silos, and other inefficiencies that keep you from reaching your business potential.

Descriptive Transcript

Music begins playing.

Screen fades from black to a worried woman sitting at her desk surrounded by stacks of paper and binders.

Speaker: “Nobody goes into work thinking, ‘if only there were more processes, data entry, headaches, documents, worries, audits, mistakes, paper cuts, printer jams, missing information, to-dos, wasted time, confusion.’”

Simultaneously, a thought bubble appears to the right of the woman’s head. Icons representing the spoken thoughts appear one at a time. So many icons appear that the thinking bubble explodes with a subtle exploding sound. The icons from the thought bubble fall onto the woman’s desk. She looks anxiously at the pile of icons.

Speaker: “So why do organizations put up with inefficient processes that cause the proliferation of all those things? Meanwhile, you are inundated with vendors promising you more.”

An angry businessman is standing next to the desk with his open briefcase sitting on the desk. He takes more icons from his briefcase and throws them into the existing pile on the desk. The woman looks at the growing pile in shock.

Speaker: “Here’s a proposition: less. Yes, you heard that correctly.”

The scene transitions to a green butterfly flying and landing on the woman’s shoulder. The woman looks at the butterfly and smiles.

Speaker: “What would you do with less? Less paper? Less wasted time. Less confusion. Less duplication of effort. Less grunt work. Sounds good, right?”

The butterfly flies off the woman’s shoulder, transitioning to a computer monitor with the MetaSource logo on it, the on-screen text: “LESS of the things holding you back,” “QUALITY CONTROL” with an accompanying rotating circular arrows icon, “STATE-OF-THE-ART AUTOMATION” with a rotating gear icon, and “PROCESS SOLUTIONS” with an animated checklist icon. The camera slowly zooms in closer to the monitor.

Speaker: “At MetaSource, we specialize in less of all of the things holding you back and more of the tools that can drive you forward, like state-of-the-art automation,”

A glimmer shines over the rotating gear icon.

Speaker: “quality control,”

A glimmer shines over the rotating circular arrows icon.

Speaker: “and process solutions…”

A glimmer shines over the animated checklist icon.

Speaker: “tailored to industries like finance,”

Computer screen slides to a blank screen. A bank icon appears.

Speaker: “insurance, mortgage,”

A house icon appears on screen.

Speaker: “government,”

A government building icon appears on screen.

Speaker: “healthcare,”

A hospital icon appears on screen.

Speaker: “education,”

A school icon appears on screen.

Speaker: “and others drowning in more challenges…”

A store icon and apartment building icon appear on screen. Storm clouds with animated rain and lightning bolts appear above each building icon. Each cloud has on-screen text: “AUDITS (bank icon),” “COMPLIANCE (house icon),” “CUSTOMER DATA (government icon),” “CORRESPONDENCE (hospital icon),” “STATEMENTS (education icon),” “INVOICES (store icon),” and “APPLICATIONS (apartment icon).”

Speaker: “and lacking tools that facilitate less mistakes, less stress, and less work.”

The green butterfly reappears, flying over the computer screen transitioning to a scene of the MetaSource building. The camera zooms into the scene. The green butterfly flies toward the MetaSource building.

Speaker: “We specialize in solutions that eliminate the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving your most important goals,”

Fade transition to butterfly flying past MetaSource employees working in cubicles. They are on their computers and speaking with potential customers on their headsets. The camera pauses on one MetaSource employee. Screen splits to show him in a call with the woman from the beginning of the video.

Speaker: “growing your business and making your customers happy.”

The people go out of focus and the green butterfly flies across the screen.

Speaker: “Want to learn more about less?”

Butterfly flies close to the camera, transitioning to the MetaSource logo with the on-screen text: “PEOPLE,” “PROCESSES,” and “PLATFORMS.”

Speaker: “At MetaSource, we can supply you with the right mix of people, processes, and platforms…”

Each of the words is emphasized on screen as they are spoken.

On screen text is replaced by a data icon and an icon of multiple arrows.

Speaker: “that deliver better data, drive smarter decisions,”

Gear icon appears.

Speaker: “provide smoother workflows,”

Check box icon appears.

Speaker: “eliminate friction,”

Graph with an increasing arrow icon appears.

Speaker: “and enhance business outcomes.”

Icons fall of the screen and the green butterfly flies next to the MetaSource logo.

Speaker: “Contact us to get started today!”

On screen text appears below: “CONTACT US TODAY!”, “,” “,” and “(888) 634-7684"

Music fades out.

Screen fades to black.