MetaSource MetaStor Demo (2018)

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MetaStor is MetaSource’s secure, cloud document management software. It enables organizations to quickly retrieve, route, and manage documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Descriptive Transcript

Fade from white to the MetaSource logo.

Music begins playing.

Screen fades to the MetaStor logo.

Speaker: “Presenting MetaStor from MetaSource. MetaStor is a secure, cloud-based enterprise content management system.”

Speaker: “that allows you to quickly retrieve, route, and manage documents using standard browsers and mobile devices.”

Screen fades to the MetaStor platform, showing a query results page.

Speaker: “With MetaStor, not only can you easily manage all of your content on the web,”

Cut to a screenshot of a flowchart extender in MetaStor.

Speaker: “but its seamless integration with ApplicationXtender’s Workflow Manager,”

Cut to ApplicationXtender’s Workflow Manager workflow builder.

Speaker: “and full-text search capability,”

Cut to new search window within MetaStor.

Speaker: “provides a true cloud-based content management platform.”

Wave transition to MetaStor logo and a cloud-internet icon.

Speaker: “MetaStor eliminates the need for multi-installation, multi-server dependencies.”


Speaker: “You heard that correctly. All this with no software installation, minimal effort to get started, full disaster recovery included, unlimited users, and available with a simple monthly subscription.”


Thumbs up graphic appears on-screen.

Cut to screenshot of MetaStor platform with the on-screen text: “MetaStor is SECURE…”

Speaker: “Security is usually the top concern for those looking for a cloud solution, and MetaStor delivers with the following features most asked for by our security-focused customers.”

On-screen text appears: “PCI Level 1 v3 Certified,” “Configurable Password Rules,” “SOC/AT 101 Type II and HIPAA Compliant,” “Document Level Security,” “Data Encrypted at Rest,” and “Customizable Audit Trails.”

Checks appear beside security requirements.

Speaker: “The entire lifecycle of your documents can be managed 100% in the cloud with MetaStor.”

Cut to Contracts page on MetaStor platform.

Speaker: “Let’s use contracts as an example.”

Zoom in to screen and click “NEW DOCUMENT” button.

Zoom out of screen and click “Add New Page” icon.

Click choose files.

“Maintenance Contract” document appears in MetaStor platform.

Speaker: “First, we will upload or scan our contract directly into our contract’s application or virtual file cabinet.”

Click on the box annotation icon

Mouse drags box over paragraphs in the contract

Speaker: “We can now add a page, we can annotate the document,”

Click highlight annotation button.

Highlights a paragraph of the contract.

Speaker: “and provide minimal indexing information to help with finding the contract at another time.”

Fade transition to a contract in the Enterprise Console page.

Zoom in to “Work items list”

Mouse clicks on “Contract Review”

Speaker: “This contract is automatically set up to kick off a contract’s approval workflow.”

Mouse clicks on “Contract Number – 321 requires your review”

Speaker: “The approver will pick the contract from his or her cue,”

Cut to contract in MetaStor platform.

Speaker: “make any necessary adjustments,”

Zoom in to right side of screen.

Speaker: “then approve the contract.”

Cut to query results of contracts application page in MetaStor platform.

Speaker: “Back in our contracts application, we can now see that the status of the contract has changed based on our workflow activity. What happens if we forget the indexing information about the contract?”

Fade to “New Search” screen in MetaStor.

Speaker: “No worries. We can utilize the full text search capabilities within MetaStor.”

Cut to Query Results in MetaStor.

Speaker: “Starting with a simple wild-card text search, MetaStor returns the most relevant results.”

Mouse hovers over document icon for many search results, showing a preview of the documents.

Speaker: “We can then preview the documents before digging deeper.”

Cut to opened document.

Speaker: “When we open the document, we can see all of the full text hits highlighted for us on the page.”

Scrolls through document to see highlighted words.

Speaker: “We don’t need to search the entire document either.”

Zoom in to mouse clicking on “NEXT HIT PAGE” button.

Speaker: “MetaStor knows the next page on which a full text hit occurs and takes us there automatically.”

Zoom out to scroll through document with many highlighted words

Speaker: “We can now email, print or export this page, or the entire contract.”

Mouse clicks on highlighted word to reveal “Mail Document” pop-up.

Cut to “Export document” pop up.

Cut to “New Search – GENERAL_RECORDS” page in MetaStor.

Mouse clicks on “Contract” in “DOC_TYPE” field and “RUN” button.

Speaker: “At some point, the end of the contract lifecycle occurs. By adding retention management to your MetaStor subscription,”

Mouse checks preview of document, clicks on document, hovers over “RETENTION” button, and clicks on “File For Retention”.

Speaker: “you can ensure minimal risk elimination of lost files and proper compliance with your organization’s retention policies.”

“Retention” pop up appears, mouse clicks on “Retention Policy” code.

Cut to MetaStor logo with on-screen text: “Web Content Ingestion + Workflow + Full-Text Search + Retention Management”

Speaker: “From ingestion to workflow to fast retrieval to retention management, MetaStor delivers.”

Cut to MetaStor logo with on-screen text: “ | 888.634.7684” and “"

Speaker: “Flexibility is a must in today’s world, and MetaStor is right there with you, allowing full document management and workflow capabilities from anywhere on any device.”

Music fades out.

Screen fades to black.