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Document Management Software

Document Management

Document management software allows you to store, quickly search, retrieve, track and manage captured data. When integrated with your in line business applications, you establish a competitive edge in customer service by having the ability to quickly locate files without using multiple windows, logins, and softwares.  They can be cloud-based like MetaStor, on-premise based or both.  Most document management software have several components including indexing, storing, versioning, metadata, security, and retrieving.

Metadata and Indexing

Each document is stored with metadata that may include date of creation, modification dates, creator and title. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be used to extract information from the document automatically as metadata or for indexing purposes. Indexing is used for retrieving and tracking purposes allowing users to retrieve documents without browsing and keep track of them from creation to deletion.

Instant Search and Retrieval

The storage component allows you to place your files on retention schedules that end with automatic purging. You can take the powerful storage and indexing capabilities of the software and integrate them with any in line business application . Search and retrieve your electronic documents from within popular accounting systems, Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Oracle, SAP and many others using powerful document management software like OpenText ApplicationXtender.


While most of the entire process is done without human intervention, your data is always secure and the software does allow for manual validation in the rare cases text cannot be identified. Access to documents can be granted at document, folder or department level.

Furthermore, we are SOC-1 (Service Organization Controls) compliant. This certification determines whether the description of our systems are fairly presented and whether controls are suitably designed.

OpenText ApplicationXtender

As the largest distributor in North America, we distribute, implement and integrate OpenText ApplicationXtender, which is one of the leading document management software applications on the market.

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