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3 Common Myths Surrounding Document Scanning the Reality

MetaSource debunks three common myths about document scanning

While document scanning services and document management software have proven to be a powerful way for companies to better manage their documents, many organizations are still inundated with paper and haven’t embraced a digital transformation. Why? Negative perceptions around document scanning and fear may hold them back, but these feelings are more myth than reality.

1. Fear of Being Overwhelmed with a Backlog of Files to Digitize


For those whose business documents have added up over the years and now take up a significant amount of office space, it may seem too complex and time-consuming of a project for any employee to take on. They feel they won’t have the time to deal with it and/or they don’t even know where to start.


A quality document scanning company will break down a large scanning project into organized groups of smaller tasks and can handle the heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively). In doing the prepping, scanning and indexing, your provider is really doing all the heavy work so you can focus on utilizing the resulting digitized documents to improve efficiency and streamline business processes. Many organizations start small, in one department or project, such as starting with just accounts payable or HR documents, then expand to other departments and projects. This helps break the project into more manageable “quick wins.”

2. Fear of the Cost of Document Scanning Services


Many people think document scanning services and document management software are too expensive.


When it comes to cost, it’s important to remember that document scanning removes a much larger business expense: office space. Storing thousands of documents in filing cabinets and bankers boxes takes up valuable real estate–sometimes entire rooms or floors. In this way, a portion of your rent is really dedicated to storing an increasing amount of paper documents in space that could instead be utilized for more-business growth focused activities.

Other cost reductions of document scanning include:

  • Ability to manage and process more documents with less people, in less time
  • Avoidance of non-compliance fees with document management software
  • Elimination of file box storage and retrieval fees
  • Less time wasted searching for paper-based documents

Additionally, your employees will not be pulled away from their core tasks to handle document scanning for your company that often results in copious manual errors. By having a BPO company manage your document scanning professionally, you’ll not only eliminate manual errors, but your employees will be able to continue focusing on their job and your organization’s productivity won’t be disrupted.

Also, in the new norm, once your documents have been scanned, your employees will be able to easily access files digitally whether they’re working from home or in the office. This means team workflows will continue to be productive no matter where its members are located.

3. Fear of the Unknown When it Comes to Document Scanning


When a system has been in place for years, people often get comfortable with it and struggle to adjust, especially if the changes are perceived as significant. Companies can be hesitant to transition to document scanning after only ever using a system of paper file storage in the past.


Experienced document scanning companies will simplify the transition – they’ll make sure your document management software is implemented correctly and your team has been trained properly so they are comfortable with a new system.

When doing your research to find the right scanning partner, we recommend you look for an experienced provider with certifications such as SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA training, and more, and that they are top resellers of the document management and automation software they are implementing. These are all hallmarks of a top quality provider – and remember to ask for references.

The Document Scanning Reality: Easier than You Think

While many myths persist, the reality of document scanning offers a much more compelling scenario: it’s much easier and cost-effective than you think, allows your company to reclaim valuable office space by cutting down on paper file storage, and is often the first step to streamlining business processes.

Contact MetaSource to find out how to easily transition into going paperless and how to simplify your business workflows by digitizing your documents. You can also download our whitepaper Document Scanning & Workflow Automation & How it Pays for Itself to learn more about how scanning your documents pays off in the long-term.

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