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ApplicationXtender 8.0, Technically Speaking


Guest Blog: Bill Bastian – Manager, Technical Services

ApplicationXtender (AX) 8.0 is now available. This is the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for, especially myself. AX 8.0 offers a sleek new interface, some sweet new features and better performance. This is an evolutionary leap forward that positions the platform for rapid adoption into mainstream processing flows. AX 8.0 represents the first step on the road towards pervasive content. We used to say with AX you could access any document, anytime, anywhere. With AX 8.0, content is now available from any device as well. And, EMC has announced a raft of additional enhancements that should take the AX suite well into the future.

Included in EMC ApplicationXtender 8.0 are the following enhancements:

  • Redesigned user Interface, built on AngularJS and MVC.NET
  • Full-featured, zero footprint HTML5 Image Viewer
  • Consolidated administration console
  • Tablet-friendly browser support
  • Improved license management
  • Enhanced session management
  • New REST API
  • CAS/SAML support using ADFS 2.0
  • New capture module (REST-based client)

We are predicting that most AX customers will want the new interface as soon as they see it. That’s a good thing, but… Will you be ready?

To better help you prepare for the daunting task of upgrade requests from your entire user base, I will be hosting a series of webinars in the coming weeks starting on October 23rd. Each week we’ll focus on a different topic with new feature highlights, as well as tips and tricks to make the transition to ApplicationXtender 8.0 as painless as possible for all parties involved.

10/23/2015 – New Installation There are quite a few new features with ApplicationXtender 8.0 including web based administration. We’ll cover how to configure systems settings, create and modify apps and manage users. The new UI includes significant enhancements, and we’ll go over basic navigation and some new functionality like Image Capture.

10/30/2015 – Upgrade/Migration We know your customers will want to upgrade soon. What’s the best approach? How do you minimize downtime? We will cover best practices and share early lessons we’ve learned in our lab.

11/6/2015 – AXO/Connector Interoperability If your customer uses AXO or Connector today you’ll want to attend this session. We will cover reconfiguration of existing solutions and help you avoid the “gotchas.”

11/13/2015 – DiskXtender/Secure Path Configuration Many AX customers use DX and Secure Store to protect critical documents. What do you need to know to successfully configure AX 8.0 for a new DX or Secure Store system? What will you need to do for an existing system when you upgrade? We’ll show you.

11/20/2015 – Full Text Functionality Customers want an easy to use, Google-like search interface. AX 8.0 delivers this with a new Full Text engine, Xplor. In this session we will cover configuration of a new Full Text system and migration from the old version (Verity).

12/4/2015 – Workflow Integration AX 8.0 is awesome. AX 8.0 with workflow is more awesome. In this section we will cover configuration of a new workflow system as well as important upgrade considerations.

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