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New ApplicationXtender Marketing Materials

In addition to EMC’s increased commitment to continuing to develop the ApplicationXtender document management software platform, a variety of new marketing collateral is available, all of which you can find below.

ApplicationXtender 8.0 Data Sheet

This 4-page data sheet identifies the new features of AX 8.0, including it’s HTML5 interface, annotation capability, integration with Microsoft Word and MS Office, and ease of use enhancements.

Analyst Report

This analyst report from Ovum includes a SWOT Assessment of ApplicationXtender analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of AX 8.0.


EMC’s Automating Business Processes with EMC ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager whitepaper explains how AX’s workflow automation software enables organizations to manage their business processes with enterprise-level control. Its core functionality and key features help streamline and automate AP invoice processing, HR and other business processes, increasing operational efficiency.

Success Stories

County of San Diego

See how ApplicationXtender helped one US Assessors Office improve their content management system, consolidate the record management of five offices into one, and connect constituents with over 30 million records through an online portal. This helped the county achieve regulatory compliance as well as introduce a new revenue stream. Download the case study here.

Publix Credit Union

Read how this Florida Credit Union uses ApplicationXtender with EMC data centers, private cloud infrastructure and multi-tiered disaster recovery solution. Download the case study here.

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

This Story Graphic shows how the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences uses EMC ApplicationXtender to increase productivity, reduce costs, and make document sharing faster and easier. Download the case study here.


This Story Graphic explains how GlobalTranz, one of the fastest growing freight brokerages in the U.S., uses EMC ApplicationXtender to slash the Accounts Payable cycle by nearly 70%. Download the case study here.

McGill University

This Story Graphic shows how McGill University uses EMC ApplicationXtender to make their student application review process faster and smarter, resulting in better admissions decisions. Download the case study here.

Trial Software

You or your clients can download an evaluation software copy of ApplicationXtender 8.0. You will need to have an EMC login to download the zip file. More…

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