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Office Relocation: The Perfect Time for Document Scanning

Office Relocation: The Perfect Time for Document Scanning

Moving to a new office provides an ideal opportunity to modernize your organization and digitize your documents. When your company is moving up and moving forward during relocation, your document process should do the same with document scanning and document management software.

The documents that are central to your business need to be brought along to your new location but not as paper nor in the bulky, space-taking file cabinets and storage boxes housing them. Document scanning lets you retain the digitized documents and the critical information contained within, but leave everything else behind, saving your organization as much as 8% annually in overall office costs and 50% in on-site storage, according to one AIIM study.

Open Up More Efficient Workflow Processes

Going digital also gives your organization the opportunity to eliminate old, broken processes and redundancies as you move. Documents can be accessed from any device anywhere, files can be retrieved in seconds and your digital documents are substantially more secure than paper files.

Your new clean, contemporary office run with cloud-based document management software will also help make your organization more appealing to employees, as it opens up more efficient workflow processes, technological advancements and the remote working arrangements desired by today’s most coveted candidates.

The freed up space allows you to provide more on-site amenities for your team, as well. And that’s in addition to the aesthetic savings you’ll get from not bogging your new office down with ugly boxes and cabinets, further amplifying its attraction to talented millennial candidates.

Last but certainly not least, you won’t need on-site infrastructure like reinforced floors capable of handling the weight of those boxes and cabinets or incur the costs of off-site storage. You’ll streamline your new office as you move into it and streamline your business process at the same time.

Get rid of boxes and file cabinets during your move with document scanning and document management software and enjoy a more contemporary and competitive way of doing business.

Ready to Get Rid of Boxes?

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