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HR Automation Can Revolutionize Your Business

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Paper-based human resource processes can be expensive, cumbersome and littered with errors. Manual data entry leads to avoidable mistakes, while finding individual files in overflowing storage boxes or cabinets is inefficient and time-consuming. Audits also can be disorganized and slow, as can ensuring your firm meets necessary compliance requirements.

Every one of these issues can have major adverse ramifications down the line for your firm, be they in the form of violations, fines or inefficient processes that cost you time and money. If your organization is currently suffering at the hands of a paper-based HR process, digitization can help. For greater efficiency in managing your human resource files, faster audit response times and more accurate data, we recommend a combined document scanning and document management software approach. New York City’s Educational Alliance is working with an automation solution. A link to their case study can be found later in this post.

Here’s how it would work:

Digitize Your HR Files

Your existing HR files can be scanned, indexed and loaded into cloud document management software for easy access from your computer or mobile device. Search fields will be populated with data from your payroll system giving your staff multiple ways to identify and retrieve a document. This also eliminates manual data entry errors and makes file retrieval much easier and more efficient.

Automate Your HR Processes

Integrating the document management software with your ERP system also speeds up the process of onboarding new and returning hires. Thanks to e-forms and workflow automation, completed applications will be automatically routed to the appropriate people in the approval process for actions to be taken. Once an employee is onboarded, data will be fed directly into your payroll software, again eliminating manual data entry and resulting errors.

Easier Audits

Audits move more quickly without paper, as well, on account of immediate retrieval of documents and remote access for auditors, minimizing an audit’s impact on in-house staff and offering a much greater chance of success. Last but certainly not least, without paper files needing homes, there’s no need to overload your office space with cabinets, storage boxes and paper trash.

Beyond HR Automation

Once you see for yourself how digitization works for your HR processes, you might very well want to extend it throughout your organization. For a better idea of how digitization and workflow automation can make your organization’s HR processes more efficient while also eliminating office clutter, read about the great work we did for Educational Alliance in our case study.

HR Digital Transformation Success Story

Learn how a social services and educational institution leveraged document scanning services, cloud document management, and workflow automation software to streamline its human resource (HR) processes.