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5 Strategies to Recession-Proof Your Business

A businessman shielding himself from three arrows with an umbrella, which represents strategies for recession-proofing his business

Is a recession coming? The answer differs based on who you ask, but according to a Bloomberg survey of economists, the recent interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve along with the current banking crisis have greatly increased the odds. The survey revealed that the “probability of a downturn in the next year is now 65%.”

Fortunately, while it can be challenging to thrive during a downturn, it’s not impossible. In fact, according to an article for MIT Sloan Management Review, a downturn presents opportunities that some businesses can use to their advantage. The article states, “The worst of times for the economy as a whole can be the best of times for individual companies to improve their fortunes.”

The question is: how can your business improve its fortune if a recession comes?

Here are five strategies for building resilience, navigating a downturn, positioning your organization to take advantage of opportunities that emerge, and, ultimately, recession-proofing your business.

Start Preparing as Soon as Possible

One of the best ways to prepare for a recession is to start planning early on. This means anticipating the economic downturn and taking steps to mitigate its impact on your business.

Among other steps, businesses prepare by developing a cash management plan, diversifying their customer base, and focusing on their core competencies. It’s also a good idea to pay close attention to the feedback your current customers are providing. You can leverage their input to adapt accordingly and maintain strong satisfaction levels no matter the economic climate.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

During a recession, it’s essential to identify areas where you may be spending more than you should be. You can look for opportunities to reduce overhead costs, such as renegotiating contracts with suppliers or finding more cost-effective ways to market your business.

You may also want to consider outsourcing some of your business processes to trusted partners. Business process outsourcing services, including intelligent document processing and digital mailroom solutions, help companies reduce costs by converting from fixed cost models to variable cost ones. In fact, McKinsey & Co. found that outsourcing can enable companies to achieve a 15-40% reduction in operating costs. That’s a pretty significant drop in expenses – especially with a recession on the horizon.

And it’s a drop that isn’t accompanied by poor quality. Business process management services also help organizations reduce errors and increase efficiency, so they better focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives.

Adopt a Forward-Thinking, Insight-Driven Approach

A forward-thinking approach is especially crucial during a recession. Organizations should focus on building a sustainable business model that can withstand economic downturns and effectively outpace the competition in the long-term.

How can your business do this? By developing the right mindset and leveraging digital transformation tools, like digital mailrooms, workflow automation solutions, and content management software, that will enable you to access and manage key data for decision-making.

The Harvard Business Review states digital tools that improve analytics help management teams recognize not only how the recession is impacting their organizations but also where improvements can be made. Both outcomes are key to taking a long view and building resilience.

Focus on Your Existing Customer Base

Exceptional customer service not only keeps clients happy; it makes businesses stronger. By nurturing strong relationships with your current customers through loyalty rewards programs, discounts, and special client-only events, you can ensure that they continue doing business with you during a downturn.

A client-focused approach can also help you bring in new business – even during a recession. After all, people trust their peers more than anyone, making word-of-mouth marketing the most effective kind. And when your customers are happy, they’re more likely to speak highly of your organization to their friends, families, and coworkers.

Choose the Right Partner to Help You Excel

Navigating a recession requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and partnerships that you can feel confident in. The top intelligent document processing and business process management partners can provide you with the solutions and the support you need to weather a downturn.

The trick is finding the right partner for your organization. Here are some key features to look for:

  • Experience assisting organizations in your industry
  • A wide variety of solutions, making them your “one-stop shop”
  • Expertise that can be proven through both certifications and references
  • A dedicated team of experts with impressive resumes
  • A security priority, ensuring your critical business data remains safe

At MetaSource, we take pride in meeting the above criteria. We have proven success in delivering a wide array of solutions – from AP automation to document management software – to organizations in various industries. Our clients leverage our solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction rates, and build business resilience, so they can effectively recession-proof their organizations.

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