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The Modern Mailroom: How Document Management and Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Money

In an era of transformational possibilities for automating document management, the act of opening an envelope delivered to a centralized mailroom can seem like an astonishingly retrograde exercise.

But it’s reality for many businesses, especially those dependent upon sensitive physical records: the streamlining and integration of data and documents that arrive by mail, email, email attachments and web forms is a nearly impossible task.

In the face of such challenges, the mailroom that once was the hub of your business operations can become an extraordinary drain on time and resources – a hybrid of spotty automation and old-fashioned paper shuffling that is slow, error-prone, and, when sensitive documents are involved – risky.

But you don’t have to put up with a clunky process just because your business takes in information in multiple formats via multiple paths. Workflow automation software and the right system for digitizing, classifying and archiving documents can transform your mailroom into a secure, efficient and accessible system of information delivery no matter what the mail brings.

You’ve Got Inefficiency; We’ve Got the Solution

At MetaSource, our mailroom solutions combine the benefit of deep expertise in enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow automation technology, with third-party mailroom services to create a seamless system of managing, digitizing, processing and archiving documents and correspondence.

MetaStor®, our proprietary ECM software, is a robust cloud document management program that dramatically reduces document processing time, integrating content from any source and creating a secure and easily searchable digital archive that lets you search, retrieve, route and manage documents from anywhere, on any device.

For offices still managing a lot of inbound physical documents, MetaStor facilitates the transition to automated document distribution with solutions for a wide range of mailroom challenges that can grind business to a halt:

  • Searchability/archiving inefficiencies created by a centralized mailroom and a decentralized staff
  • Inefficiencies created by the inability to quickly merge information that arrives in different formats for a single account 
  • Security concerns around incoming mail that contains sensitive documents
  • Backlog issues that create expensive delays around payment processing or other time-sensitive tasks
  • Data entry error
  • Lost and misrouted mail

With MetaStor, content is quickly and easily recorded, digitized, and classified in a rules-based system capable of assigning the documents to a specific workflow or a specific inbox, reducing processing time and creating a secure and accessible digital archive.

Digital Solutions and Mailroom Services that Clear the Paper Jam

From government agencies to mortgage and financial industry businesses, automating the mailroom can help to overcome the inefficiencies of managing a centralized mailroom with a decentralized workforce – and help put important data into the right workflow faster.

We have customized solutions that work across every type of mailroom challenge, including operating on the ground as a third-party mailroom staff to handle the mail collection, sorting, scanning, OCR and editing/correction of your mail records, leaving you with an effortlessly automated mailroom and digital archive – and time you can spend doing something more important than shuffling paper.

Put the power of mailroom services and MetaStor to work in your mailroom and reap benefits that you can leverage for gains in every department:

  • Secure, cost-effective document management for every piece of mail
  • User-friendly workflow platform
  • Mobile integration
  • Cloud or on-premises installation
  • Agile implementation
  • Real-time hot site disaster recovery
  • PCI-DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA compliant
  • Document level security
  • Customized audit trails
  • Configurable password rules

Don’t let your business be tied to the pace of a mailroom that’s stuck in the past. Let us help you create a customized solution that gets you out of the paper jam and back in business.

MetaSource can help you get over the efficiency challenges standing between your business processes and your business goals with solutions that leverage technology, services and expertise for a wide variety of challenges.

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