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Balancing Work & Life

“Do What Makes You Happy”

We have all probably heard this numerous times before, and roll our eyes when people say it, however this should apply to you. We spend a majority of our time at work and being miserable every minute that we are there is not a way to spend half of our lives.

Whether it’s because your job has a social impact, you are surrounded by interesting co-workers, or you get to travel for work, enjoy what you do. Make your job have an impact on you and possibly the world around you even if it is just asking the receptionist about her kids.

Focus On Yourself

At the end of the day all you have is yourself, your health and your happiness. While health insurance is important, of course, remember that your overall well-being is key. Promotions, vacation time, unlimited office coffee all have their perks, but so does sleep.

Set Time Aside For Yourself

You can be your worst enemy. Being successful in your career is important but so is your leisurely time. Respect your free time, spend it doing something you enjoy. Whether it’s hiking, baking, spending time with loved ones or watching Sunday football, enjoy your time. Simple moments spent doing what you enjoy can help you feel less stressed and increase the happiness that you bring into the office to have a more productive day! So, catch up on that novel on the best seller list and binge watch the new craze on Netflix.

Most Importantly, Don’t Let Work Take Over Your Life

It can be easy to get swept up on a big project, and there will be days where you are the last one to leave the office. But don’t let this be a daily, reoccurring thing. Getting your work done is important, but so is not integrating work into all aspects of your life. Boundaries need to be set between work and your social life. Your job is not forever, but your relationship with your family and friends are, so remember to equally share your precious time with both your clients and friends.

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