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Are You Using Document Scanning to Optimize Your Business Processes?

Document Scanning: Making Remote Work Easier

According to an Owl Labs study, 80% of full-time workers project they will still work from home at least three times per week even after COVID-19 ends. A recent PwC survey also found 83% of workers surveyed prefer to work from home.

With this growing trend, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your business is “remote-ready” to ensure your company’s business continuity into the future, as remote work continues to gain popularity and becomes a part of the new norm. This is why services such as document scanning and document management software are becoming essential components for many businesses.

By giving your staff easy access to electronic documents while working from home, you are enabling them to continue their job without interruption or delay. As the CIO at a medical insurance firm put it, “If MetaSource had not digitized our file room years ago, we would not have been able to continue to operate with our staff working from home.”

Keeping Paper Files in Your Office Increases Risk and Reduces Compliance

Unfortunately, many companies still store files in unlocked file cabinets, which makes them easily lost or even worse, vulnerable to fraud, which is currently on the rise. In a recent survey, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) found 79% of anti-fraud professionals believe the pandemic has increased fraud and that it will continue to increase in the coming months.

By sticking to paper-based documents you are also at risk of not meeting compliance requirements set forth in laws such as the SHIELD Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to protect an individual’s PPI (personal identifiable information). By incorporating document scanning and document management solutions into your business, you can securely store your files and set security settings down to the document level. This document management software lets you see who accessed documents when and backs up all your files in case of a company face a power outage or hack.

Going Paperless Could Save You Money

One of the benefits of working remotely is the possibility of downsizing your office or eliminating your office space all together. If your company is going through this process, document scanning services could solve the problem of where to store your paper files. Everything you and your staff needs can be stored in cloud document management software. That way you can free up space and perhaps even save on high real estate costs.

In fact, MetaSource was able to dramatically reduce the operating costs of a medical waste management company by digitizing their documents. According to Charles Dippolito, owner of Approved Storage & Waste Hauling, the cost savings of using MetaSource’s document scanning services and document management software resulted in being able to charge 30% less than their competitors while offering the same level of service.

Document Scanning Reduces the Time It Takes to Prepare for an Audit

By giving your staff easy, secure access to documents while working from home, you are enabling them to continue their job without interruption or delay. To help with HR file management, New York Foundling hired MetaSource to help with their document scanning. As a result, they saw a 90% reduction in time needed to respond to ad hoc audits. Document management software not only makes it easier to access existing files from home but also increases productivity, as your staff is able to focus on their core tasks instead of preparing for audits or scurrying around responding to unannounced audits.

MetaSource’s Solutions Work with Your Software of Choice

MetaSource’s document scanning services can be utilized with your existing software solutions. Depending on your needs, your business can use document management software from MetaSource or your documents can be uploaded to your own ERP or application-specific software. MetaSource not only tailors solutions to your unique needs but has also been SOC 2 Type 2 certified. This means a third party auditor annually checks that all of MetaSource’s processes meet protocols for security, confidentiality, and availability while your documents are at one of MetaSource’s document scanning facilities.

Digital document management has many benefits, including access to files from anywhere, an increase in productivity for your staff, easier audits, a reduction in real estate costs and labor costs, as well as improved data security. Incorporating cloud document management software into your workflow is a true game-changer in this new normal. Using MetaSource’s services will help your business to continue operating in the most cost-effective manner.

MetaSource’s 30 years of experience in document scanning solutions speaks for itself. That’s why UKG, the global leader in human capital management, payroll, human resource service delivery, and workforce management, partners with MetaSource to scan millions of HR backfile documents every year. After being scanned, all these files are accessible through cloud document management software from anywhere.

If you’re interested in finding solutions for professionally processing business-critical documents, give us a call at (888) 634-7684 or learn more about how to start a digital transformation at your company by using our document scanning and management services.

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