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2015 Partner Meeting Recap


Our recent national partner meeting was packed full of insightful and actionable information for MetaSource partners and many attendees were excited about what they learned.

The event included a keynote presentation from Ralph Gammon, editor and publisher of the Document Imaging Report regarding his views of industry trends and the future of document management. Details were also shared by key members of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) about the features and upcoming launches of ApplicationXtender 8.0, Captiva 7.5 and Captiva Mobile 2.0.

ApplicationXtender 8.0

ApplicationXtender (AX) 8.0 from EMC is expected to launch in October of this year and, according to Ralph Gammon, “features a slew of new features—including a vastly improved UI [user interface], a new set of RESTful APIs, and, for the first time since anyone can remember, a product roadmap for future releases.” The HTML 5-based user interface is designed to enable cross-platform usability and offers a far more modern and intuitive design than earlier AX versions.

Click here for a complete list of anticipated AX 8.0 features

Captiva 7.5

The impending launch of Captiva 7.5 was another highly anticipated topic that left MetaSource partners enthusiastic about the software’s real-time capture capability (leveraging a RESTful architecture like AX 8.0) that includes:

  • Image conversion
  • Image processing
  • Barcode recognition
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • PDF creation
  • Document classification
  • Data extraction
  • Validation

According to Ralph Gammon, “Basically, EMC has decoupled eight different processes from its Captiva server and created modules that can be run as individual services. These services can be run without documents hitting the server.” These real-time services are highly scalable and can be deployed in the cloud and downloaded to mobile devices.

Captiva Mobile Capture 2.0

Captiva Mobile Capture 2.0 allows users to create quality images from cameras in their smartphones and tablets to address issues like glare, uneven sides and trapezoids that users haven’t had to deal with when using document scanners. Mobile Capture 2.0 includes special processes for handling these issues so the user can hover a mobile device over a document and automatically take the picture. Mobile Capture 2.0 can be integrated with the new RESTful services offered with Captiva 7.5.

Other Conference Highlights

  • BIEL’s was named 2014 MetaStor Partner of the Year
  • Binary Office, Inc. named 2014 MetaSource Sales Partner
  • InfoArchive & Syncplicity presentations were made by Tom Broering, EMC VP Americas Channels & Alliances – ECD
  • There was a panel discussion on how digital marketing levels the playing field for MetaSource partners

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