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See How MetaSource’s Digital Mailroom Works in Our Latest Video

Do you still use a physical, onsite mailroom? Are you struggling to manage your newly decentralized team’s incoming and outgoing communications because of it?

Well, what if you could centralize your mailroom in a way that makes critical business communications easily accessible to all members of your team—even those working remotely?

Good news: you can! The answer lies in the digital mailroom.

For remote and onsite workers alike, the accessibility of a digital mailroom allows for increased productivity and agility. Cloud platforms offer improved security for sensitive documents and a permanent record of paperwork – one that is safe from fires, floods, and other natural disasters.

MetaSource’s latest video, located below, highlights several benefits of adopting a digital mailroom and shows how the entire process works.

Achieve True Automation with a Digital Mailroom

For many organizations, the mailroom is often the last paper silo to go. Physical mailrooms hold plenty of companies back from increasing efficiency and effectively taking on more work, significantly hindering growth.

Digital mailrooms, on the other hand, provide an entirely different outcome. With digital accessibility and searchability, you can achieve true automation in a touchless process that eliminates the need for paper storage – and mail carts. This results in a surge of productivity and an enhanced communication process.

MetaSource’s Advanced Solution

MetaSource’s digital mail solution boasts fast processing, high security standards, intelligent capture, and more. The process begins with MetaSource retrieving your company mail. Once your documents are received, sorted, and scanned into a cloud repository, they are indexed for easy searchability. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology even enables the classification of handwritten documents and forms so you can achieve true automation.

Our video explains this process in detail, showing you just how carefully the MetaSource team handles our partners’ sensitive business mail.

Check out the video:

Our team works closely with clients to develop and implement cost-effective and customized solutions. We take pride in offering digital mailroom services that eliminate the costs and delays associated with the sorting, storage and distribution of physical mail while boosting productivity. MetaSource’s digital mailroom solution is easily scalable and customizable.

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