• OpenText Intelligent Capture Unveiled
    15 Jun 2020 Colin Graf

    OpenText Intelligent Capture Unveiled

    OpenText Intelligent Capture’s upcoming release includes an array of new features and improvements including powerful machine learning capability. Amid a pandemic-fueled increase in remote work, many companies are searching for a consolidated solution to their technology needs. With Intelligent Capture software, teams can leverage virtual collaboration and productivity under a single umbrella of capture, electronic […]

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  • Document Capture Software Comparison
    08 Jun 2020 Colin Graf

    Document Capture Software Comparison

    Document capture software is used to pull document images when scanned in batches by either a copier/MFP (multi-function peripheral) or a standalone document scanner. This type of software is incredibly useful to organizations, but many struggle to select the right option. In order to choose the solution that best meets your needs, you must first […]

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  • How a Minnesota County Became a Model of Efficiency
    27 Aug 2018 Colin Graf

    How a Minnesota County Became a Model of Efficiency

    Doing more with less has never been more important for counties all over the country, even those with smaller populations like Morrison County, Minnesota. You might not expect the “gateway to the northern Minnesota vacation land” – population 33,000 – to be a model of high-tech efficiency, but that’s exactly what forward-thinking staff were able […]

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  • AX & Captiva Government Contractor Case Study
    07 Aug 2018 Colin Graf

    AX & Captiva Government Contractor Case Study

    A government contractor recently approached one of our reseller partners because they wanted to overhaul their purchasing and AP invoicing system. The old document capture and management system was being phased out after its acquisition by another vendor, which was made even worse by the transition to Windows 10. To further complicate matters, the government […]

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  • MetaSource & OpenText Hit the One Year Mark
    23 Jan 2018 Colin Graf

    MetaSource & OpenText Hit the One Year Mark

    It’s Been One Year Since the Sale of the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division to OpenText. January 23rd marks one year since the sale of the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division to OpenText. While many of the faces have not changed much, other than another year of age, the relationship has developed and we are positive that this will be a huge benefit for MetaSource, our partners, and our customers.

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  • Florida State’s Attorney Increases Productivity by 125,000 Hours
    01 Aug 2017 Colin Graf

    Florida State’s Attorney Increases Productivity by 125,000 Hours

    When you work in a profession that is document-intensive, it’s easy to let things get out of hand. Files you can’t find because they’re sitting on someone’s desk. A backlog of documents that haven’t been processed because it takes so long. An inadequate method for searching documents, or worse, none at all. An overstuffed file […]

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  • Your Access to the Mid-Market
    13 Jun 2017 Colin Graf

    Your Access to the Mid-Market

    With the new MetaSource Distribution Partner Program that we’ve been working on for months with our new OpenText partner contacts, you will be able to sell both ApplicationXtender and Captiva with no annual program fee and be able to sell and support both products more profitably than ever. Key Partner Program Details There are no […]

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  • MetaSource Launches Partner Portal
    22 Aug 2016 Colin Graf

    MetaSource Launches Partner Portal

    MetaSource and EMC ApplicationXtender and Captiva resellers can now access a wide variety of product, service and pricing information through our new partner portal. Marketing Resources You can now quickly download data sheets, brochures, pricing sheets, presentation, recorded webinars, tech bulletins, and much more for EMC ApplicationXtender and Captiva, MetaSource, ImageTrust, Inovoo, NSi, and Seven10. […]

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  • Strategic Advisory Council Highlights: December 2015

    Colin Graf| Friday December 18, 2015

    On December 10, 2015 MetaSource hosted the second meeting of the newly created Strategic Advisory Council in Philadelphia at the Downtown Marriott. It was a full day of engaging conversation and, if there was one overarching theme to the discussions, it would have to be “Collaboration.” Reseller Collaboration MetaSource resellers of EMC ApplicationXtender (AX) and […]

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  • EMC Captiva to Capture Hawaii Tax Forms
    16 Nov 2015 Colin Graf

    EMC Captiva to Capture Hawaii Tax Forms

    Information Capture Solutions (ICS) to Implement Captiva for Hawaii’s Department of Taxation ICS and Fast Enterprises were recently selected by the Hawaii Department of Taxation (DOT) to provide them with a new integrated tax solution valued at $60 million and which will be implemented over the next four years. System Components The core system is […]

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