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Tax and Revenue Processing Solutions that Keep Their Promise of True Digital Transformation

Tax and revenue collection was a challenging undertaking even before the threat of cybercriminals or COVID-19.

So, it’s not hard to understand the frustration of state and local revenue officials who also have to navigate the complications of piecemeal software for tax processing that doesn’t quite live up to the promise of digital transformation.

Transformation is a big promise, after all. And too many vendors throw the concept around to describe what is, at best, the automation of one part of a process with little thought as to where it fits into the system as a whole. This type of “transformation” often results in impressive bursts of automation interrupted by tedious stretches of manual data entry and other outdated, labor-intensive chores.

It can sometimes lead to even more tax processing headaches, despite its purpose of eliminating them. Best case scenario, it replaces a small fraction of your manual tasks. We’ve seen revenue departments with software that streamlines the processing of online payments from taxpayers but still requires a trip to the bank to deposit bags of physical checks. Contrary to what you may have been told in the past, that’s not automation—and it’s certainly not true digital transformation.

Learn How to Escape the Trap of Piecemeal Tax Processing Solutions

Our whitepaper, Bringing Digital Efficiency to Tax and Revenue Processing in an Era of Digital Proliferation, will walk you through the available technology and intelligent automation for streamlined revenue collection. More importantly, it will outline the criteria for identifying automation that is part of an enterprise solution that integrates each step of the process seamlessly with the next. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Highlights of this Whitepaper:

  • The problem: patchwork solutions for enterprise needs
  • The disadvantages of template-based solutions
  • What efficiently automated tax processing looks like
  • The benefits of enterprise intelligent automation
  • What to look for in a software solutions partner

Can Your Tax and Revenue Processing Software Do This?

If you’re still spending a lot of time entering data by hand or struggling to make one part of your system work with the next, consider what your department could do with a system that provides benefits like these:

  • Ability to extract, scan, configure and organize both structured and unstructured data from checks or other documents
  • Reliable system of fraud detection that can mitigate ongoing risk
  • Native integration with other processing software like Check21 and GenTax
  • Integration with your existing equipment, including scanners and multi-function devices, IBML, OPEX, etc.
  • Real-time dashboards, analytics and advanced reporting that provide full transparency
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for repetitive manual tasks so you can focus on more valuable functions

That’s just a small sample of what the right platform can deliver, but our whitepaper provides more insight so you can make the best software choice possible. Of course, the right partner standing behind your software is just as important.

The Right Partner for Your Tax Processing Solution

At MetaSource, we have decades of experience in providing government agencies with solutions that do more — with software and services that are secure, customizable, and built on a track record of proven success.

Tax and Revenue Processing Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to learn how you can achieve the efficient tax processes you deserve.