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3 Keys to Identifying the Right Culture Fit

Have you read about a company’s amazing culture, only to find out it was more smoke and mirrors than actual professional practice?

Company culture is core to entrepreneurial success. It’s more than perks, parties and promotions. It’s about an organization’s mission, vision and values. At MetaSource, we believe company culture is more than what’s on paper. It’s about how the leaders and employees do what they do.

Based on our own experience building a thriving corporate culture, here are three keys to finding the right culture fit.

Core Values

These are the guiding stars or the compass for a business. Foundational to any business strategy, core values get to the heart of what a company is about. When learning about or interviewing a company, make sure to easily identify what their core values are and that they sync up with your own.

MetaSource’s core values are the following and we’re looking for people who identify with and put a high priority on these values:

  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Shared Vision
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Employee Support

Knowing your professional and personal purpose is important, but does the company support their team on their way there? Businesses should see their team as individuals with unique gifts and talents to contribute to the company mission. Employees deserve more than an “atta boy.” They need to know they’re valued and have the resources to become better at what they do.

MetaSource invests heavily in our team. Aside from a generous benefits package, we encourage our employees to pursue industry training and education to support employee professional development.

Community Involvement & Volunteering

Generous people make society better, as do generous companies. What a company does with its free time speaks as much about their business as their balance sheet and their earnings reports. Look at a company’s news page. What are they up to outside of the conference room and beyond their workstations? What kind of sense do you get of them as a company on social media and what does their community involvement look like?

MetaSource is honored to have a giving team that exemplifies our core values. Some of our favorite causes include: Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia, Purple Heart, Westlake Rolling Thunder Mountain Bike Teams, and Mothers for Haiti. On Fridays in October, you’ll also see MetaSourcers dressed in pink spreading breast cancer awareness.

An organization needs to know who they are just as much as where their business strategy is taking them. Make sure you look at these three key company culture elements to find the right culture fit.

We’re looking for smart, driven people to join us, so see our current career opportunities here and learn more about our leadership team here