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Why Every Boston Business Should Consider Mailroom Management

Even in the busiest times, most businesses can stay on top of mailroom management with a little extra effort or some overtime on the part of mailroom staff. Permanent increases in mail volume, however – due to mergers, acquisitions, or business growth – aren’t as easily remedied and could lead to a mailroom meltdown if not carefully managed.

Why? Because when there’s disorganization and inefficiency in the mailroom, it ripples throughout the rest of your organization. Lost mail can result in slow processing times, missed deadlines, and late payments that can seriously damage your bottom line.

But you don’t have to let your mailroom mess get the best of you anymore! With mailroom outsourcing services, the opening, sorting, and scanning is left to the professionals so you can stay focused on running your business.

Poor mailroom management holds your company back

For example, if your business can’t process incoming inquiries quickly enough, your clientele could grow dissatisfied with your slow customer service response times. Missed filing deadlines and misfiled important documents could breach compliance regulations and cost you in fines when audit time comes around. And paying invoices late or forgetting to pay them altogether can strain relationships with vendors.

If you deal with these types of backlog issues, you should consider whether the problem stems from an inefficient mailroom. A disorganized mailroom slows your business down, making it difficult to stay on top of deadlines and keep track of processes. This can lead to poor productivity, poor efficiency, and ultimately the inability to keep up with your competition. Why bother with that? It’s time you fixed your processing problems with a digital mailroom.

How outsourced mailroom services improve efficiency and strengthen customer service

Today we’re sharing the stories of one Boston business that implemented virtual mailroom services to fix its mailroom issues and started seeing efficiency wins almost immediately: CLEAResult.


CLEAResult (formerly Conservation Services Group) is the most trusted leader in residential energy efficiency, conducting home energy assessments (HEA) for over 40,000 residents in Massachusetts. With their significant growth over recent years, the Boston-based company started to realize that they needed a more efficient want to manage the documentation produced during each assessment.

Before CLEAResult turned to MetaSource to assist with their mailroom management, they were running into major problems caused by the use of physical papers. Packets with over thirty documents for each of the 40,000 yearly HEAs had to be kept on site or in local storage units for up to seven years. Not only is it taxing for employees to receive and manage so many documents, it’s expensive to store them all because of how much space they take up, especially in Boston, where real estate is at a premium. With so many papers to keep track of it was easy to misplace documents, and the wasted time and resources needed to recover lost documents made for slow customer response times.

“This was not sustainable and became completely unmanageable as we grew,” says Brian Kissane, CLEAResult’s regional operations director. “The existing process was demanding too much manpower and time, slowing down work and resulting in challenges in regards to customer service.”

After implementing MetaSource’s mailroom management services, CLEAResult has noticed increased efficiency and easily meets growing demands without having to increase their staff. They can now process HEA documentation packets and turn around proposals for their clients 2-3 days faster, which has improved customer service and retention. And of course, CLEAResult is also saving time and space by not having to store so many physical documents.

Get out of paper trouble with a digital mailroom

Corporate mailroom management can be tricky for Boston-area businesses of any size. Whether you’re dealing with thousands of incoming documents each week, or your staff just isn’t equipped to turn them around quickly enough, a virtual mailroom could be the solution you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Let us help you avoid slow customer service response times and the overall headache that comes along with dealing with physical mail. Make this the year your New England business steps into the world of digital mailroom management.

Is it time to develop a digital mailroom?

Check out our digital mailroom checklist to find out!