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5 Ways Mailroom Scanning Can Improve Your Office in New England

5 Ways Mailroom Scanning Can Improve Your Office in New England

The more successful a business is, the busier the mailroom. As more mail comes in, things can get chaotic. It doesn’t really matter what comes in; invoices, grievances, employment applications, orders and anything else paper-based coming into your business can be a burden. This is where mail scanning services come in.

There are many ways in which mail scanning services can improve your bottom line. It expedites the processing of critical matters, reduces cost and increases accuracy. Beyond this, a digital mailroom can actually improve your office. Here are 5 possible benefits:

  1. Mailroom outsourcing can boost employee morale. The odds are high your team does not like feeling that their role is one of a “paper pusher,” but the more mail they handle, the stronger this feeling is. If they are no longer handling and sorting mail, they have more time for stimulating, rewarding tasks.
  2. Employees experience less frustration. When dealing with a lot of mail and other paperwork, documents can easily be lost. It’s easy for employees to become anxious and frustrated if they often are searching for lost documents or digging through files for hard-to-find papers. A relaxed team is a happier one.
  3. Have more room. A cluttered office is not an enjoyable workspace. If there are many old pieces of paper mail stored, there probably are many filing cabinets lined up on what could be otherwise empty or art-covered walls.
  4. Discover a budget for enhancements. Archived mail often exceeds the space in most offices, and additional storage is an expense. If you have mail scanning service, you don’t need to pay for storage and you may have a budget for much appreciated employee perks or furniture upgrades.
  5. Have a cleaner office. Opening, sorting, preparing and delivering paper documents, such as mail, can make a mess. Even if you somehow avoided bits of torn envelopes scattered about, the stacks of papers from mail processing can give an office a cluttered appearance. That’s a non-issue with a digital mailroom.

How it works

MetaSource mailroom service has 5 steps, more or less. It could be more involved depending if we assist you with other processes, but it doesn’t matter if there are 5 steps or 50! This is because we are the ones taking care of them for you in our facility near Boston.

  1. We register a local post office box for you, and receive your mail on a daily basis. This is your highly secure digital mailroom.
  2. We open and prepare each piece of mail for scanning.
  3. Each document is scanned. Additionally, every image is checked for quality.
  4. Each document is captured and indexed according to your needs. We use a proprietary tracking software to provide accountability and a “digital” paper trail.
  5. We deliver digital documents to you within 48 hours.

Read about a mailroom scanning services success in Massachusetts

We have helped many clients in Boston transform their business through our offerings, including mailroom service. One such client is CLEAResult, a Massachusetts energy efficiency company.

Our solutions brought about big benefits including decreasing turnaround times by 2 to 3 days, and accelerating cash flow in the process. Read our case study to learn more about how MetaSource’s mailroom services helped CLEAResult improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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