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Fully Automated Digital Marketing Platform for EMC ECD Partners

Have you checked out the new EMC Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) yet?

If I had to pick one word to describe the new platform it would be “slick”. I know, I know. The thought of utilizing or even setting up a marketing automation tool seems daunting. But trust me, this tool will make it much easier to market to prospects and stay engaged with existing customers. This new platform is powered by Zift Solutions, a recognized leader in the channel marketing space.

Here are just a few of the new features:

  • New intuitive user interface
  • Personalized web content
  • Insightful lead profiling/reporting
  • Robust website analytics
  • Full CRM integrations
  • Seamless app integrations (Hubspot, Hootsuite, Pardot)

I could go on and on about the new bells and whistles that you now have access to, but I’d rather tell you why you should be jumping onboard with this resource. Marketing automation enables you to do more with less. Rather than utilizing one service for email marketing, another for social media, yet a third for web content, then spread sheets to track response… This platform provides a single solution to manage ALL of this. Most small to midsize businesses don’t have a team of marketers and graphic designers to answer their beck and call. EMC’s DMP is chalk full of campaign assets for you to use and customize for your unique needs. And, you can create your own assets with the built in editing tool.

But, the single most important reason you need to get yourself signed up with the new EMC Digital Marketing Platform is to fill the top of your sales funnel and then nurture those leads to build the relationship through the sales cycle. This resource enables you to bring those new names in and track their interaction, scoring them along the way to give you greater insight into their interests.

And the best part, IT’S FREE! As a valued DELL EMC partner, you receive COMPLIMENTARY access to the DMP.

Most importantly, get yourself access TODAY! If you’re new to the DMP, submit an EMC ECD Partner request to If you had a SharedVue DMP account visit