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How Amazon S3 & Document Management Work Together

How Amazon S3 & Document Management Work Together

Flexibility is important when implementing a document scanning and cloud document management solution. The ability to have your documents saved in any format, such as PDFs or TIFFs, is important, as is having them uploaded into any software or cloud service you may be using as part of your document management process.

Your scanned documents can be uploaded via secure FTP (SFTP) directly to your network, to your cloud-based document management software or to an online file storage web service such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

An Example of Output Flexibility

Any document scanning company can scan your documents, but not all of them have the technical expertise and experience needed to quickly and reliably upload batches of your digitized files to whatever software or online service you are working with.

Let’s take Amazon S3 as an example. While there are many tedious ways to manually upload scanned documents into this web service, most are cumbersome and time consuming. In order to automate the upload process to Amazon S3 and be able to upload batches of scanned documents, it is necessary to work with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Application Programming Interface (API). Not every document management company has the expertise to work with APIs. It takes coding proficiency and programming knowledge to understand and utilize the APIs to develop a custom solution to upload the scanned documents.

As more options become available for digitized file storage, make sure you work with a document scanning company who has the experience and flexibility to scan and upload batches of documents to whatever software or service you are working with.

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