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Productivity Tips for Your Office Life

By now, you probably know that we provide both workflow automation software and business processing outsourcing services designed to maximize your efficiency and the productivity of your team – but there’s only so much we can do.

Below are some tips on how to help ensure further productivity—and harmony—in your office.

Make Time for Yourself

Getting your work done is your priority at the office, but so is your sanity. If you have been staring at your screen for hours and feel tired, get up walk around, stretch your legs for a couple of minutes and come back feeling refreshed. There is no need to make that eight hour work day seem longer than it has to be! Making time for yourself is not selfish, it is necessary.

Distractions, Distractions…

Sometimes distractions are unpreventable. Whether it’s a chain email, a funny cat video, or office gossip, distractions are everywhere and can have a negative impact in the work environment. Without being rude to your co-workers, if you have an office close the door, if your company has an instant message software indicate that you are busy, if a co-worker comes over to your desk politely tell them that you are busy and will notify them when you have finished what you have been working on. For online distractions, put away your smart phone, don’t listen to music and simply concentrate on the task at hand. The faster you finish up your work, the sooner you can go check Facebook again.

Becoming Organized Can be a Life Changer

Not all of us are organized. Most of us may still hear our mother’s voice in our heads to “clean up our room.” However, being organized and setting up a schedule may increase productivity at the office as well as our personal lives. Preparing a schedule for the next day may help make a busy day look less scary and more doable. Getting a day planner, where you can write in meetings or side notes that you need to remember for tomorrow may be beneficial.

Avoiding a Food Coma

One of the things that many can agree on is that not snacking at your desk takes a lot of self-control. I mean, could one more cookie really hurt? Consuming large lunches can make your body go into a state of sleep or extreme lethargy, or food coma for short. Instead of snacking and eating a large meal that will make it harder to stay awake while staring at a computer screen, consider the following… Drink more water during the day, it helps flush out toxins and it fights fatigue, eight glasses a day is recommended. Eat breakfast, but really eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day for a reason. Eat every three to four hours, it will keep you from getting really hungry and eating a huge meal. Most importantly, eat smaller portions, no pile of food should be larger than your fist.

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