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MetaSource Acquires Document Management Company, Digiscribe

Digiscribe & MetaSource

Salt Lake City, UT – Jan 5, 2021: MetaSource, LLC, a leading provider of business process management, workflow automation and compliance solutions across a broad array of industries, announces the acquisition of New York-based Digiscribe, a business process outsourcing company with deep roots in the northeastern United States.

An Enhanced Experience for All

The acquisition expands the MetaSource footprint with the addition of two new offices in New York City, NY and Boston, MA. It also amplifies the state-of-the-art business solutions available to Digiscribe clients with leading-edge products that improve efficiency, lower costs and streamline workflow processes.

“This was an opportunity to bring clients of both companies an even more comprehensive array of workflow automation expertise and tools. And it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate and necessary time, as a record number of businesses are grappling with the implications of inefficiencies that the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated,” said MetaSource President & CEO, Adam Östhed.

“We are committed to smoothing out the hurdles for all of our clients, but especially those burdened by processes that are overly dependent on paper and a centralized workforce. With an even greater range of tools, locations and expertise at our disposal, we look forward to bringing the advantages of digital transformation to businesses across the board,” Östhed said.

“Digiscribe’s capabilities in the digital mailroom space made the acquisition particularly valuable at a time when the need to transition from a centralized mailroom to a virtual one is at an all-time high for companies seeking relief.”

The combination creates an impressive breadth of expertise in digital mailroom capabilities and implementation, an area that is among the most sought-after digital enhancements in recent months.

The acquisition leaves MetaSource with offices in eight states and a software portfolio that can better meet the needs of today’s businesses.

About MetaSource

Achieve breakthrough growth with a digital transformation from MetaSource. Software and services from MetaSource will optimize your processes to eliminate error-prone tasks, data silos and other inefficiencies that prevent you from achieving your true business potential. By working with MetaSource, you will get real-time, actionable data you can leverage into increased knowledge worker productivity, reduced human error, and smarter decisions. MetaSource serves a wide variety of industries such as mortgage, financial, government, healthcare, retail and transportation. We assist organizations within these industries through our global network of PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant processing centers. More:

About Digiscribe

Digiscribe is a premier Document Management and Workflow Automation company that specializes in the elimination of paper-based processes. Since being founded in 2001, Digiscribe has expanded its services to include digital mailroom and PO box scanning services, document scanning, cloud-based and in-house document management software, workflow automation software and e-form solutions. With nearly 20 years of experience and a focus on eliminating paper-based processes and replacing them with automated ones, Digiscribe empowers businesses to improve efficiency in document-heavy departments.

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