• OpenText ApplicationXtender Rebrands as AppEnhancer
    15 Dec 2021 Colin Graf

    OpenText ApplicationXtender Rebrands as AppEnhancer

    Formerly known as ApplicationXtender (AX), OpenText™ AppEnhancer boasts powerful workflow automation and integration capabilities, print stream capture, and cloud-based tools to reduce manual document processing and boost productivity.

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  • OpenText ApplicationXtender 20.4 Now Available
    16 Dec 2020 Colin Graf

    OpenText ApplicationXtender 20.4 Now Available

    The Newest Version Includes Powerful Workflow Automation & Print Stream Capture That Combine to Cut Manual Document Processing by 90%. ApplicationXtender(AX) 20.4 now includes a new workflow automation engine powered by OpenText AppWorks, replacing Workflow Manager. AX 20.4 also captures digital print streams with its integration with OpenText Output Transformation Server (OTS), replacing Reports Manager. […]

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  • OpenText’s ApplicationXtender 20.3 Has Arrived
    17 Jul 2020 Colin Graf

    OpenText’s ApplicationXtender 20.3 Has Arrived

    The latest release of OpenText’s ApplicationXtender (AX) software, AX 20.3, has arrived. It brings improved cloud readiness, new internal and external integrations, and enhanced user productivity. As many organizations shift from traditional deployment models to cloud-based structures, tools that enable remote collaboration are now central to success. With expanded integration and workflow capabilities, the latest […]

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  • ApplicationXtender 16.6 Now Available
    16 Jul 2019 Colin Graf

    ApplicationXtender 16.6 Now Available

    OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX) 16.6 document management and workflow automation software is now available. The focus of this release is on cloud readiness, product integration, and user productivity. What’s New Improved Document Viewing: integration with Oracle Outside IN and ative support for Microsoft Office through Office Online Server (OOS) Updated Workflow: integration with Skelta BPM 2017 […]

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  • ApplicationXtender 16.6 Update
    25 Mar 2019 Colin Graf

    ApplicationXtender 16.6 Update

    ApplicationXtender 16.6 will be generally available during the second quarter of 2019, and will represent an upgrade to AX 16.3. The new version 16.6 represents the first time AX will include a standard integration with both Microsoft Office and Azure as primary new features, and OpenText has also made numerous other enhancements based on requests […]

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  • ApplicationXtender 16.3 Upgrade Announcement
    17 Apr 2018 Colin Graf

    ApplicationXtender 16.3 Upgrade Announcement

    Now that ApplicationXtender 16.3 has been released, OpenText has announced that it is extending support of ApplicationXtender 7 (SP1) to October 1, 2018. OpenText has also announced that the end of support date for AX 8.0/8.1 remains November 1, 2018. The purpose is to give AX partners and users more time to evaluate upgrading to […]

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  • ApplicationXtender 8.1 SP1 Now Available
    15 Feb 2017 Colin Graf

    ApplicationXtender 8.1 SP1 Now Available

    Though ApplicationXtender has only officially been part of the OpenText family for just a few weeks, they’ve already launched the first Service Pack for ApplicationXtender 8.1 on February 13, 2017. Here’s what’s included in AX 8.1 SP1: Certification / security for Microsoft Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Office 2016 Image capture support update […]

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  • EMC Has Extended Support Dates for ApplicationXtender 7 SP1
    11 Jan 2017 Colin Graf

    EMC Has Extended Support Dates for ApplicationXtender 7 SP1

    This Is an Important End of Primary Support Dates Update for ApplicationXtender Document Management Software EMC has extended support dates for ApplicationXtender 7.0 (AX7) SP1 by one year: End of Primary Support: from January 31, 2017 to January 31, 2018 End of Extended Support: from January 31, 2018 to January 31, 2019 This is an […]

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  • ApplicationXtender 8.1 Is Now Available
    23 Jun 2016 Colin Graf

    ApplicationXtender 8.1 Is Now Available

    Version 8.1 of EMC ApplicationXtender (AX) is now generally available. Released in November 2015, ApplicationXtender 8.0 included a dramatically improved user interface and improved performance and scalability with RESTful services. 8.1 builds on the momentum achieved by the 8.0 release with numerous enhancements detailed below, allowing AX to further streamline AP, HR and all other […]

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  • EMC ApplicationXtender 8.1 Update
    19 May 2016 Colin Graf

    EMC ApplicationXtender 8.1 Update

    * Updated 6/14/2016: AX 8.1 is now generally available. Stay tuned for upcoming AX 8.1 webinars. * Our very own Mark Hanson gave the following ApplicationXtender update for 8.1 at our 2016 annual conference held May 4-6 in Las Vegas, NV. What’s New with AX 8.1 Client side email Password policy User/group privilege reporting Global […]

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