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How Document Management Software Maximizes the Value of Your Business Apps

All too often, companies find themselves burdened with business applications that make it harder to access information, collaborate, secure data, and, ultimately, work efficiently.

More often than not, employees find themselves spending a large portion of their days just looking for information within various systems. In fact, Asana’s 2022 Anatomy of Work Study found that employees only spend 40% of their time on skilled and strategic work.

Fortunately, you can give your employees back the time they need for high-value tasks, facilitate a collaborative environment, and secure your data all at once. How? By adopting a centralized document management solution that easily integrates with the platforms your teams use every day.

Here are a couple scenarios that show how the right content management solution can help you maximize the value of your existing business apps and achieve the benefits above:

Finding the Right Documents Quickly

Imagine you’re a project manager with strict deadlines. You need files ranging from project records to customer financial statements at your fingertips in order to meet due dates.

In the past, you’ve used a project management app that has left you and your team struggling to find the information you need. Time and time again, you’ve been forced to extend your file search into other applications, resulting in a lot of wasted time.

With a document management platform like OpenText AppEnhancer (formerly ApplicationXtender), you and your team can easily find what you need within one centralized system that connects you to content in various business apps. AppEnhancer offers advanced search tools that expedite the process of finding information. You can narrow down results based on date range, owner, document type, and specific keywords.

Once you find the information you need, you can even seamlessly save and share search query results with other members of your team. AppEnhancer can help you ensure that you meet your deadlines and provide you with more time for strategic work.

Protecting Confidential & Critical Content 

Now, imagine you’re on the system operations team at the same company as the project manager in the above scenario. The project manager needs to access an invoice that corresponds to the project they’re currently working on. Because financial statements are highly confidential, they do not have access to the invoice they need.

With AppEnhancer, providing access to individual documents is simple and ensures file security. As system operations, you can assign document-level security to specific users and groups of users in just a few clicks.

Not to mention, AppEnhancer’s redaction tool enables you and/or the project manager to easily limit the amount of information other users can see within a single document before granting them access to it. For organizations in regulated industries, such as medical billing or finance, these features allow customer data to be safely stored and accessed by employees at different seniority levels.

Getting Started Today

AppEnhancer document management software is easy to deploy, getting your users up and running in no time. This platform is easily adaptable and integrates with a variety of business applications – from AP to HR to ERP systems. AppEnhancer makes searching for and securing documents quick and easy. 

As the largest distributor of AppEnhancer in North America, MetaSource can provide you with a document management solution you can use across every department. We even developed “Cloud AppEnhancer” called MetaStor®.

Whether you require a cloud-based or on-premise solution, MetaSource has the software and expertise you need to streamline processes, enhance content security, and maximize the value of your business applications. Contact our document management and workflow automation experts or watch this OpenText webinar to learn more about how AppEnhancer can help your business succeed. 

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