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Security Breaches, Data Leaks and Cyber Attacks… Oh, My!

It seems every time we turn on the news or turn our heads we hear about a security breach, or as Ashley Madison calls it “cyber terrorism.” As any business attempts to grow in today’s technology-driven world, one of the top issues that any CEO or business manager must control and continue to proactively address is data security. Companies big or small are always under constant threat of their information being leaked – from an outsider or within.

Millions Spent Fail to Address Internal Lapses

Companies have spent millions of dollars on technology to protect data against external threats. Unfortunately, some of those same companies have failed to take adequate steps to protect their data from internal agents. Take the recent events surrounding New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and surgery to amputate part of his right index finger stemming from a fireworks accident on the Fourth of July. It was an internal source at the hospital who accessed his medical records and provided that screen shot to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The insider problem is more than just disgruntled employees with malicious intent. Many high profile breaches are due to simple mistakes made by otherwise well-meaning employees. A laptop, cell phone or tablet left on a city subway. A set of backup tapes are left in a car. A password is shared with a coworker helping a customer. These simple oversights often lead to catastrophic (not to mention highly publicized) data breaches. The dilemma many organizations face is how to implement the right amount of control while not bringing productivity to a grinding halt. Based on the growing number of serious breaches, it would not be wrong to conclude that many companies have chosen to do nothing to address the issue. This is unfortunate because when it comes to data security, an ounce of prevention is worth several tons of data security.

Internal & External Data Encryption & Rights Management

There are basic precautions every company should take to mitigate the risk of an internal breach. Sensitive data should be encrypted while at rest and during transmission to provide an added layer of protection against attacks launched from inside the firewall. Encryption can also help protect data stored on a lost laptop or backup tape if it falls into the wrong hands. MetaSource’s Secure Store for ApplicationXtender meets the growing need to protect documents inside the firewall.

Audit Trails

Finally, information access should be audited and regularly reviewed to promote accountability and security.

ApplicationXtender is a secure repository for storing sensitive documents and data. ApplicationXtender tracks document access and maintains a complete Audit Trail so you can see who opened what document and when.

These simple precautions can help any organization minimize risk and avoid costly breaches. To find out how MetaSource can help defend your data and documents, give us call.

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