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Large Format Scanning Service

Large Format Scanning ServiceMany organizations have engineering drawings, construction plans, maps, building drawings, blueprints, and other large format documents that need to be digitized without needing to purchase a large format scanner. These documents often hold valuable legacy information that could be lost forever in the event of a flood, fire or other disaster – or they simply could be lost due to misfiling.

Scanning these wide and large format documents into PDF, JPG or TIFF digital images also allows them to be instantly accessible and searchable, which dramatically reduces the amount of time to find them. Scanning them into the cloud makes them remotely accessible and avoids costs associated with maintaining servers and software onsite.

The MetaSource Difference

For decades now, we've provided our large format scanning and conversion services for government building and land departments, manufacturers, engineering and architectural firms and construction companies. We've earned their business because no one understands or can more efficiently and cost-effectively convert large and wide format documents into electronic documents than we can.

We can also assist you with scanning microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and just about anything else you need to preserve.

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Whitepaper: Leveraging Better Data & Process Management for Success In Mortgage Servicing Transfers

Regulatory risk around servicing transfers continues to be a hurdle for enticing investors to engage in the market. This is largely dependent upon lenders’ ability to ensure the quality of the assets being traded. The best strategy for taking the risk out of servicing transfers from a regulatory standpoint and verifying the soundness of underlying assets is through enhanced data and process management.