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What Government Digital Transformation Success Looks Like

Government agencies’ priorities have markedly shifted since the pandemic first hit. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ (NASCIO) annual State CIO Top Policy and Technology Priorities 2018 Survey revealed that creating a digital government was number 4 on state CIOs’ list of priorities. According to the 2022 survey, this initiative is now ranked as the number 2 priority.

The 2022 survey also shows that reimagining the government workforce is now a top priority. In 2018, this initiative didn’t even make the list. With this in mind, it’s clear that over the last handful of years, digitizing government processes and enabling agencies to govern remotely have become critical objectives.

Now, the question is: how can you achieve them?

Start by learning what government digital transformation is and what you should look for in a partner. Then, gain some insight into what exactly government digital transformation success looks like.

Below, we provide examples of what success looks like for court case file digitization and permitting process transformation.

Court Case File Digitization

Digital transformation success looks different agency by agency, but when it comes to courts, it all starts with record digitization (digital court, here we come!). Paper case files come with lots of manual labor, operational inefficiencies, and weakened public service and responsiveness. By digitizing case files, courts can overcome all of these challenges and reap several benefits, such as:

  • Streamlining operational efficiency by reducing reliance on analog media and enabling remote work
  • Supporting electronic public access mandates with digitized judicial case files
  • Attaining next-generation business continuity and crisis management for case file archives
  • Gaining maximum value for your budget dollars and improving spending during fiscal shortfalls
  • Achieving a true digital court with a tried-and-true process that meets your exact needs and requires little-to-no resource demand of your staff

Now that you know what a successful court record digitization process results in, here’s what it includes:

  • A tactical planning stage in which measurable goals are established
  • A feasibility analysis that ensures work meets budgetary constraints and provides maximum value
  • Start-to-finish tracking and reporting of case files to provide peace of mind and enhanced security throughout the digitization process
  • Best-in-class capture technology and a dedicated team that, together, ensure adherence to all ANSI, AIIM, and ISO document preparation and image processing standards
  • Seamless integration with existing case management systems, such as Odyssey® and eCourt®

Permit Process Transformation

When it comes to permit processes, paper is yet again a major hindrance to success. Paper-based permit processes result in slow turnaround times and, as a result, unhappy citizens. No one wants to wait an unreasonable amount of time for their permit application to be processed and approved – and with electronic forms (e-forms) software, they don’t have to.

E-forms software is a web-based solution that automatically collects and validates data upon form submission and then routes the information for review and approval. It replaces paper forms that can take months and months to process with digital ones that can be presented to both internal and external users for a faster, stress-free process.

The benefits range from reduced manual labor (goodbye, sorting through paper mail!) to improved public responsiveness – even when employees are working remotely (hello, happy applicants!).

And these benefits don’t have to end with permit processes. E-forms software can be used for any government form processes, including business and occupational licensing, code enforcement, and law enforcement registration.

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Government digitization and modernization is currently top of mind – and for good reason. By digitally transforming processes, government agencies can operate more efficiently and better serve the public from anywhere.

MetaSource is committed to helping agencies do just that. We have helped courts throughout the nation successfully digitize case files, local governments effectively transform their permit processes, and other government agencies and departments streamline tasks to achieve their goals.

To learn more about how MetaSource assists agencies and departments, read our Government Document Scanning Whitepaper. If you’d like to speak with an expert about your government modernization solutions, contact us.

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