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Simple Office De-Stressing Tips

Make your Office like a Second Home

You spend majority of your time, if not life sitting at your desk, so why not add personal touches? If your workplace stresses you out, adding personal items on your desk or on display in your cubicle or office may help de-stress from a sometimes chaotic environment. Put something up that has meaning to you, whether it’s a decorative lamp or photographs, inspiring works of art work, or something with a splash of color in it.

Organization is Key

For many people it is difficult to focus when their desk is filled with papers, phone messages, business cards, notes, magazines, etc. Mess equals stress. Having an organization system put into place can change your outlook in the office. A filing system or organizing your drawers, even cleaning out your inbox, can help keep everything in place and in reach for your busy days at the office. The tidier your desk, the more in control you will feel at work.

Have Calming Music on Your Spotify Playlist

Create a playlist that makes you feel at ease and at peace, whether it’s classical music or meditation music. Listen to this on your headphones or if you have an office, quietly at your desk so you don’t disturb anyone. It can help put your mind at ease.

Avoid Caffeine Overload

Caffeine is found in soda, tea, energy drinks and of course coffee, so sometimes it’s hard to stay away from. When consumed heavily, caffeine can make you jittery and makes it harder to focus. Caffeine overload can make you more stressed, especially after the third cup. Drinking coffee is not bad for you, it can help you stay focused, more alert and productive. However, watch your intake as it can make you feel anxious if you drink a serious amount of caffeine.  We recommend drinking more water to stay alert.

Incorporate Relaxation & Exercise into Your Work Day

If you’re allowed, and it doesn’t distract anyone around you or you from your work, stretch in your seat or occasionally get up and go for a walk. One MetaSourcer, Frank Schlupp, even recently put an exercise bike in his office which he uses while tackling conference calls. To have full relaxation or meditation, find a comfortable, quiet spot, close your eyes, put your hands on your lap, and breathe in and out. The purpose of this is to get rid of everything that is associated with contributing to your stress in the workplace.